Rhythm action game Pistol Whip will be released on PSVR this summer

Cloudhead Games has announced it is going to be releasing its rhythm action shooter Pistol Whip on PSVR this summer, having previously released the game for PC VR headsets. In Pistol Whip the action and music syncs up so the soundtrack will flow with your moves, much like they do in action movies. Cloudhead has stated that movies such as John Wick and Equilibrium have had an impact on the game’s style along with games such as Beat Saber and Superhot.. As you may gather from the trailer below Pistol Whip will require PlayStation Move controllers so you have a real grasp on the action.

According to Cloudhead Games this is what players should expect:

Unlike traditional rhythm games, Pistol Whip features dynamic levels instead of a static void. Comfortable, constant momentum journeys you through a variety of “scenes” inspired by action movie settings, from bank heists to airship raids. Each scene comes with three difficulties, and we have a suite of weapon personalization options and gameplay modifiers, including dual wield akimbo, to mix up the flow, challenge you, and encourage new playstyles as you chase friends and global leaderboards.

Cloudhead Games has also stated that players will have freedom in how they approach the missions. You won’t be following the rhythm. Instead the rhythm will flow with the actions you do, so you can mix up the soundtrack. After Pistol Whip is released the studio will support the game long term with new scenes and customisation options.

Source: PS Blog

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