Apex Legends Season 5 legend Loba Andrade revealed, coming May 12th

Respawn Entertainment has released details for Apex Legends Season 5 with the main reveal being of the new legend Loba Andrade, a thief with a tragic past that seems to be linked to Revenant. However, Loba is not the only new feature that will be introduced in Season 5, which is called Fortune’s Favor. A new Quests feature is coming to so players can follow a plotline that will lead to new rewards. There will also be a new Battle Pass with skins, Apex packs, and some brand new content that is being introduced in this season pass. There will also be a new series of ranked.

Loba’s abilities are not detailed in the trailer but her actions do give some clues. It appears she may be able to turn into smoke to evade detection, and also shapeshift. In her picture, Loba is carrying both a pistol and staff which may show she is adept at close-quarters combat. Ranked Series 4 will also be taking place from May 12th and this is what Respawn has learned so far:

  • Splits are working well. Staying with ~6 weeks of ranked play before a reset
  • Tier and Apex Predator separation worked as intended.
  • reset gave a good incentive to keep playing.
  • Switching maps mid season helped keep things interesting. Will persist.

Respawn has also clarified the loss forgiveness aspect of Apex Legends. There are three instances where loss forgiveness is granted so you are not punished for leaving a game. Those instances include matchmade teammates leaving a match. This does not extend to party groups. When you first drop into a match and do not have three party members, and when there is an unexpected quit like a sudden drop in connection. However, with that final reason, there are limits to how often this can happen before you are penalised.

Source: Respawn

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