Is Predator: Hunting Grounds coming to Xbox One?

Even if reviews haven’t been particularly great, Predator: Hunting Grounds is still one of the more unique multiplayer games to launch in recent memory, having found itself a fan following.

Developed by Illfonic, the same studio behind Friday the 13th The Video Game, there’s some shared DNA in there for sure. It’s been fascinating to watch the team adapt another hit horror franchise into a tense multiplayer title. Let’s just ignore Dead Alliance for now, shall we?


Predator: Hunting Grounds launched on April 24th for both the PlayStation 4 and PC which begs the question – why is there no Xbox One version. Here’s your one word answer: Sony.

Although Predator: Hunting Grounds is made by Illfonic, whose previous games have appeared on various other platforms including Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch, there’s an obvious reason why their latest release hasn’t appeared on these systems.

That’s because Sony Interactive Entertainment is on publishing duty, having partnered with Illfonic to bring the game to PlayStation 4 as a console exclusive in exchange for funding to beef up those development costs.

With that in mind, we previously mentioned that Predator: Hunting Grounds can also be found on PC. However, this is exclusively via the Epic Games Store. For those who have been following the Fortnite creator’s meteoric rise, you’ll know that they are no strangers when it comes to brokering their own exclusivity deals, having snapped up a spread of AAAs and smaller games over the past year.

With Sony having little in the way of first party multiplayer games, adding Predator: Hunting Grounds to their stable of exclusives should come as no surprise. But does this mean we’ll never see the 4v1 shooter on Xbox One?

We’d say most likely, yes. Where Microsoft has leaned more towards the idea of publishing its own first party titles on other systems, Sony has been far more reluctant. They are the market leader after all – the closest we’ll see to PlayStation adopting this strategy is the eventual release of PS4 games on PC. Just like what the publisher plans to do with Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Make sure you read our Predator: Hunting Grounds review before pulling the trigger on a copy of the game.

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  1. I don’t understand the last paragraph. What first party Microsoft titles are available on other platforms? Note that Windows is Microsofts platform too.

    (I would love to try State of Decay.)

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