A Star Wars Battlefront 2 sequel is not happening – rumour

EA and DICE have no plans for another game in the Star Wars Battlefront series, the publisher has reportedly told a trusted news outlet.

Having just released a free Scarif expansion for Star Wars Battlefront II earlier this week, DICE confirmed that this will is the last major content drop fans can expect though support will continue for “years” to come. Not only will the servers remain online, players can expect a calendar of scheduled community events as well.

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However, this news has prompted speculation as to what comes next for the series as well as EA’s bigger plans for the Star Wars license.

According to Star Wars news outlet Bespin Bulletin via their Instagram page, Battlefront III will not be a part of the publisher’s future line-up. In a post, they say:

Right now there is no plans for a Battlefront III. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but here we are. Enjoy The Battle of Scarif update, share some kind messages to the team at DICE who worked ever so hard on Battlefront II, and maybe the force be with you.

As always, treat any alleged leaks with a healthy degree of scepticism. However, if we had to speculate, we’d also say it’s likely EA have moved on from the Battlefront franchise, at least for another several years.

When it launched in late 2017, Star Wars Battlefront II received generally favourable reviews but was torn apart for its bungled monetisation. By paying real money players could pop open loot boxes to unlock items with in-game stat bonuses.

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Although Star Wars Battlefront II is in considerably better shape – bolstered by a wealth of free post-launch content – the franchise name is still somewhat tarnished. Then we have ask ourselves what a Battlefront III could actually do to build on this fairly comprehensive Star Wars shooter. In truth, not much until the next trilogy of films come knocking.

Rest assured, EA are definitely working on more Star Wars games. We know EA Motive are still working on Project Maverick which is reported to by a flight-focused action game. Respawn Entertainment are also said to be working on a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order follow-up.

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  1. Well that’s a shame but not surprising, there’s been a bucketload of Battlefront content over the last four and a half years, and as long as the servers keep running then I’ll be a happy bunny.

  2. This is a shame, because once EA/Dice patched out their microtransaction hell it turned into quite a game

    With all the post-launch support, BFII is an extremely comprehensive package & it will be a shame to leave it all behind at the end of the gen (depending on how Sony handle backwards compatibility)

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