World War Z Marseille DLC is out now, get the patch notes here

Today marks the release of World War Z GOTY Edition which gives buyers access to all of the DLC content that has been released for the multiplayer zombie shooter since its initial release. That also means access to the new Marseille DLC which has released today too. The Marseille DLC adds three brand new levels to work your way through along with new story elements and four new characters. The levels themselves vary from dark catacombs, open fields, and the fort of Fort Saint-Nicolas. The latter level is all about holding the fort against a mega swarm of zombies that is rushing the location, and to help players have access to a large missile launcher as a defensive option. The missile launcher is not something that can be used easily and will require teamwork as one player is needed to operate the controls, one is needed to target, and two are needed to reload the missiles and defend the launcher from zombies. It really will be last stand stuff.

The patch notes for the Marseille DLC update can be found below. Some fixes include stopping Virus Sample drops from Bomber in Horde mode, and grenade launchers now breaking stealth.

New Features

  • Added Marseille Episode DLC with 3 new levels, its own story and 4 new characters (included for Season Pass owners)
  • Added Last Aid weapon skin pack DLC (included for Season Pass owners)


  • Added new Classic Bullpup Rifle and its variants to all levels for all players


  • Zombies are no longer able to pull a player down when he is standing above the pyramid


  • Minor UI and localization fixes


  • Fixed several gameplay crashes


  • Fixed some gameplay bugs that were causing inability to progress in levels
  • Virus Sample is now easier to pick up in some levels

General Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Thumper Grenade Launcher showing that it gains XP
  • Defusing Claymores will add a Claymore to your inventory if you’re using them as your class equipment
  • Fixed issue with BF25 heavy sniper rifle dealing more damage than expected in PvP (PvE is unaffected)
  • Hailstorm MGL and Thumper GL grenades will now produce noise and will break stealth
  • Virus Sample no longer drops from Bomber in Horde Mode

Source: WWZ Forums

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