May’s PlayStation Plus games are live, download links here!

Time to clear out some hard drive space for your next batch of PlayStation Plus games as they are now ready for you to download. This month it’s a sim special with Cities Skylines giving you control over a bustling metropolis, and in contrast, Farming Simulator 19 giving you taste of the rural life. Note: It doesn’t really, I grew up on a farm and it’s nothing like this, but that’s video games for you.

Here are the links to the UK Store, both titles will be available to download from Tuesday, 5th May until Monday, 1st June.

We did not review the PlayStation 4 version of Cities Skylines but did take a peak at the Xbox One version and said it “remains an enthralling city builder, and one which has virtually no competition on console.”

“Cities: Skylines is liable to remain the best home console city builder for some time,” added reviewer Dom, scoring the game an impressive 8/10.

Farming Simulator scored a point lower when we gave the PC version 7/10. “I have mixed feelings about Farming Simulator 2019. For a biennial release, I would initially have expected more, so this might start off feeling like a large expansion rather than a new game,” said Gaz. “Get further into the game, you’ll start to enjoy the new features and vehicles, and the little improvements build up to what is still an enjoyable farming game at heart. For newcomers, the initial grind might be off putting to some, but the wealth of things you can do in the game will keep you entertained for hours.”

Sony have also announced the latest update to PlayStation Now with The Evil Within 2 and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege headlining as new additions alongside The Farm 51’s “puzzler, shooter, psychological thriller,” Get Even.

PlayStation Now has over 700 games on the service from including PS2, PS3, and PS4 games, some of which you can download rather than stream. The seven-day free trial is still available so if you are running out of games to play during lockdown you might want to give that a go.

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  1. Good to see you remember PS Now is a thing this month. It’s certainly being much better value than PS+ has been lately. Never got around to Evil Within 2, so that’s a good start. And Get Even looks interesting.

    Compared that with PS+ where you get something anyone interested in would have got by now, and Farming Stimulator 19. Which I guess someone, somewhere is interested in (apparently sold a million copies in 10 days).

    Both of which are also available on PS Now anyway, which is a bit shit. Sony really need to do a combined PS+/Now subscription.

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