PGA Tour 2K21 revealed by 2K Games, full details to come next week

2K Games has revealed that it will be releasing PGA Tour 2K21 but aside from a teaser trailer there is very little information. The only information we actually have is that there will be more information on May 14th. It will be then when we find out what PGA Tour 2K21 will include and I’m going out on a limb here by saying golf. Maybe it will follow similar 2K sports franchises with modes like MyCareer where players can create their own characters and experience some kind of story that involves them rising through the world rankings.

2K’s last foray into the world of golf was when it published The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA Tour. It seems that The Golf Club moniker has been dropped to focus solely on the PGA Tour instead. In our review for The Golf Club 2019 Dom wrote:

There’s literally everything you could hope for here, whether it’s a fully-fledged single player campaign through the PGA Tour (the licensing for which must have EA spitting feathers), faithful replicas of a handful of Tournament Players Club courses, local and online multiplayer, the return of last year’s popular Societies, the introduction of Skins matches, and the ability to design your own course. This 2019 edition really is the culmination of everything that’s gone before, and while it’s more about refinement than revolution, golfing fans will find a near endless amount of content here.

For golf fans, The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA Tour should be an essential purchase. It’s the refinement of all of HB Studios previous work, and while the series may have started out as an indie underdog it now feels like a AAA sports franchise.

You can read the full review of The Golf Club 2019 here.

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  1. Last decent PGA tour game I played was on Mega Drive II! Loved me a bit of Tiger Woods in the early days but Rory was naff. Wanted to like The Golf Club but just didn’t n don’t know if my tastes changed or it wasn’t my style. I’ll certainly keep an eye on this one. Fore!!

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