What appears to be an unreleased Prince of Persia game has been on YouTube for 8 years

If this is a fake it’s an amazingly good one because it’s highly detailed and looks very professional, however we should just mention it might be fake. A fake playing a very, very long waiting game because no one spotted it for eight years.

Prince of Persia Redemption has sat on YouTube since 2012 and no one cared. It seems to be a tech demo or pre-viz of a cancelled Prince of Persia game.

Ubisoft have recently registered a domain name for Prince of Persia 6, princeofpersia6.com, leading to speculation that the franchise might return on next gen consoles. However, the domain is held by GoDaddy rather than Ubisoft’s usual provider, and when we last checked had the status code is ClientHold, which means it had not been paid for at the time.

The last official console game was The Forgotten Sands which was based on Disney’s film adaptation starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

The Prince has popped up recently but not in his own game, he guest starred in a For Honor event.

Once upon a time, there was a Prince from a distant land who wanted to escape death at all costs. One day, he arrived in a secluded harbor and clashed with mighty warriors. The Prince had to use his mystical dagger to change his destiny and survive. Yet meddling with time would have dark consequences for his stranded soul…

Other than that the Prince was also seen on mobile way back in 2013. The Shadow And The Flame was set after the events of the original game (which Ubisoft are now dubbing ‘Classic’) and boasted an “epic journey” with “visually-stunning 3D” and “intuitive controls” designed for touchscreens, which means gesture-based touch controls, or a virtual joystick.

Ubisoft are showing Assasin’s Creed Valhalla gameplay at the Xbox Series X event, perhaps the Prince will be for PlayStation?

Source: YouTube

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