Nacon Compact PS4 Wired Controller Mini Review

Big value, small package.

Another day, another Nacon controller review from TheSixthAxis! In all seriousness, we’ve been putting Nacon’s range of controllers to the test these past few years and this latest unit is a surprise favourite of ours.

Under the spotlight this time we have the Nacon Wired Compact Controller – a superb little pad that may be short on thrills, yet serves as a brilliant, affordable alternative to Sony’s DualShock 4.

Don’t be put off by the name. Side by side with the default PlayStation 4 controller there isn’t any real difference in terms of size at all. Instead, “compact” seems to refer to its pared back feature set, but even then you aren’t missing out on anything essential.

The main drawback here, of course, is the wired connection. It plugs into your console via USB, so if those ports are usually occupied by miscellaneous charging devices and other peripherals that’s something to consider. Another minor point is that you can’t power on the PlayStation using the compact’s PS button.

The Compact sits rather nicely in-hand, even for gamers larger hands, like us here at TSA. The familiar symmetrical stick layout feels very comfortable to use, whether dipping in for a quick match or during those long sessions.

There are some small differences compared to the DualShock 4 worth noting. The larger face buttons and d-pad may look off putting at first glance yet don’t create any issues. Meanwhile, the chunkier triggers and shoulder buttons align more with Microsoft’s design for the Xbox One gamepad.

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Over time, Nacon’s controllers have evolved in terms of style and finish. There’s a slight rubbery texture and tightness to the concave sticks that give the Compact a comfortable, quality feel. It’s also available in a small array of colours, from neon orange to digital camo.

Priced at around £25, you could almost buy two Nacon Compact Wired Controllers for the regular price of a single DualShock 4. It’s a great value alternative and an ideal choice for those wanting a reliable secondary controller without upsetting their player two.
  • Ultra budget pricing
  • All the features you need for PS4 gaming
  • Comfortable, refined form factor
  • Takes up one of your precious USB ports
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