Sci-fi shooter hybrid Disintegration is coming out in June, check out the new story trailer here

Coming from one of the creative minds behind the Halo series, the intriguing sci-fi first person shooter Disintegration has been handed a 16th June release date for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Not only that, but V1 Interactive have also dropped a new story trailer to set the scene for the game’s single player campaign.


The game is set in a dark future for the world, with the essence of humanity at risk due to the process of Integration, in which human brains are transferred to robotic bodies. This has seen mankind divided, with the Rayonne now hunting down remaining humans and forcing their integration, at pain of being extinguished. You play as Romer Shoal, a gravcycle pilot who can lead a band of outlaws to fight back against the Rayonne.

Though it’s a first person shooter, it’s a shooter with a difference. You’ll be hovering above the ground on the gravcycle, while commanding other troops in real-time tactical action. So yes, it’s an FPS, but there’s elements of MOBA and RTS thrown into the mix as well.

That lends itself to both the single player campaign and the competitive multiplayer, which features three different modes played out across three different maps. The multiplayer was previewed in a closed technical beta earlier this year – it feels like a lifetime ago now – and we got to go hand on with it to check it out.

Unfortunately we weren’t entirely convinced at the time. One of three opinions that you can check out here, Aran wrote, “Disintegration seems confused about what it is trying to be. It’s a mix of FPS, RTS, and MOBA, but without much of the excitement of any of those genres at the moment. The FPS portion puts players in a gravcycles to shoot at characters on the ground and other vehicles in the air, but every vehicle feels like a lumbering hunk of metal, giving the impression that it would actually be faster to get off and walk. It just doesn’t feel exciting.”

Here’s hoping that V1 have been able to remedy that in the meantime, upping the ante for the full release. It’s not that long before we’ll be able to find out.

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