Second Extinction looks like Left 4 Dead with dinosaurs, and it’s coming to Xbox Series X

It is a proven fact that everyone loves dinosaurs. The loveable toothy little tikes have been keeping us entertained for hundreds of years, from cheekily pretending to be dragon bones in the Middle Ages to trying to eat Chris Pratt. Now, in Second Extinction, they’re looking to eat you and a few friends, and you’re going to try and stop them, on next-gen console Xbox Series X.


Developed by Systemic Reaction who are part of the Avalanche Studios Group, there’s a real sense that this is the Turok X L4D crossover that we’ve all been waiting for. There’ve been a few games over the years that have tried to replicated Left 4 Dead’s multiplayer successes but they’ve never quite managed to get it right. Perhaps now is the time.

It sure seems as though you and your mates are going to be the ones doing the exctinct-ing, as the potential gameplay trailer shows your team ripping through an array of dino-shaped enemies with an armoury’s worth of weaponry. You’re dropped into a landscape, gun in hand, where you and up to two friends can indulge in some intense FPS co-op action taking down mutated dinosaurs. Mutants and  dinosaurs? Why, Systemic Reaction, you’re really spoiling us.

With the tagline “Reclaim Earth” you have to guess that something, somewhere, has gone very wrong. With or without the help of a John Hammond-type character it’s hard to say, but the level of chaos in the gameplay trailer already goes way above and beyond anything we’ve seen in the Jurassic Park series. Well, we certainly haven’t seen any of the dinosaurs blown into quite so many little mushy bits anyway.

With a reassuring weight to the gunplay, it looks as though the Avalanche Studios Group experiences on last year’s Rage 2 might have filtered down to the team at Systemic Reaction, which can only be a good thing for fans of guns, and things exploding when you fire at them.

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