Samurai Shodown’s Iroha character DLC will be available next week

SNK has confirmed that the next character DLC Iroha will be available next week on May 13th, making her the third character in the game’s second season pass having been preceded by Mina and Sogetsu. Iroha will be accessible on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch for owners of the season pass, which costs $13.99/€13.99 on PS4 and $19.99/€19.99 on the other platforms, or as a solo purchase that will be priced at $5.99/€5.99.

Iroha’s profile reads:

Iroha patiently dotes on her young master. One day, a sudden darkness falls over the land, and her master’s wellbeing drives Iroha to pick up her weapon, as nobody will get in between their love. Her beauty is beyond compare, and her fighting style is as graceful as a crane.

In our review for Samurai Shodown, Nick wrote:

Samurai Shodown is a strong entry into the sea of fighters, showing a lot of love for the original series, while also being able to appeal to newcomers. A few niggles aside, people are going to be playing Sam Show for a long time. EVO just got more exciting to watch!


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