What We Played #449 – Final Fantasy VII Remake, COD: Warzone & Halo: Reach

Apparently today is a bank holiday, but even without every day feeling basically the same these days, it’s a confusing one that doesn’t feel quite right. Outside of Good Friday, it’s just a bit weird having a bank holiday on a Friday, doesn’t it?

At least the weather is great outside, which I’m sure you’re all trying to enjoy as responsibly as possible.

And with that in mind, I’ve been pushing myself to play a bit less of Animal Crossing: New Horizons – I’m just checking in on turnip prices a moment – and use my recently upgraded PC to play PC games. So obviously I’ve been pushing it to the limits with… Halo: Reach? I only got a few levels into it when it dropped on PC last year, but I’ve picked it back up and am thoroughly enjoying its story and floaty shooter gameplay. I’m equally looking forward to Halo 2: Anniversary when that arrives next week.

Alongside that have been two games that I can’t really tell you about until next week, but will overjoy two very different types of game when they eventually release.

Much less secretive was Aran, who’s been playing Ion Fury for review. That’s been joined by some of The Outer Worlds, but while he is enjoying it, he doesn’t think it’s grabbed him quite like Fallout: New Vegas did.

Adding the vibe of endlessly scrolling through Netflix to his gaming was Steve, who played a few smaller games from his PS+ backlog before swapping over to Game Pass to sample on a few other things instead. He dipped into Streets of Rage 4, rattled through West of Loathing and Rage, and is now on Act 3 of “Grunty McSwears of War Ultimate”, which he finds a bit clunky by modern standards.

Nic B deviated from his planned platinum hunt in Final Fantasy VII Remake because he was distracted by the mention of Monster Hunter World, dropping 15 hours into upgrading his armour and weapons before he realised it. Much more determined was Jim, who managed to beat Control this week, and has knuckled down to try and grab the platinum before the two expansions are available.

Tuffcub’s usual routine of just playing Destiny 2 was upset by the fact that the game has got boring as hell during the current season. He’s got the Guardian Games machine gun, and there’s nothing else for him to do. So he played Bayonetta and Vanquish instead.

Bayonetta hasn’t aged well. The sexytime stuff was a bit vulgar at the time and now just makes me cringe. Also it’s a bit boring and looks terrible, horribly muddy cut scenes. Vanquish has aged much better, who can argue with sliding around on your buttocks and shooting aliens?

It was card games by way of Tabletop Simulator for Jason, who played Magic the Gathering with friends. He also played some EDF5, Streets of Rage 4, Someday You’ll Return, Risk of Rain 2 and started on Final Fantasy VII Remake. He’s including Ring Fit as well, because it tricks you into thinking that exercise is a game.

Gamoc was less busy with his gaming, but still managed to combine Vampyr, Call of Duty: Warzone and Galactic Civilizations 2. Nick was the least busy, though, who played a tiny bit of XCOM: Chimera Squad on Monday but has been busy with Real Life™ aside from that. Poor Nick…

Miguel has been going slow and steady with FF7R. He’s up to chapter 14 now, but has been mixing things up with daily check ins on Animal Crossing, some of the original Ape Escape and a few rounds of Apex Legends.

Finally, Dom’s also looking at Apex Legends for a change of pace, but he’s been enjoying his time in COD: Warzone with Gamoc. That’s come alongside Animal Crossing, My Hero Ones Justice 2, Wreckfest, Monster Hunter World with Nic and Jim, and PUBG and Octopath Traveller on Stadia.

Always banging on about Stadia, that one…

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Been playing Predator Hunting Grounds alot!!! So more of that this weekend.
    Still play DiRT 2.0 daily after 11am everyday to get that pesky trophy of a plat from the community daily challenge.
    Went back on Fifa so been playing FuT couple of matches a day there….. (I miss football)
    Also booted up the PS3 to clear backlog and this week was Duke Nukem Forever.

    • DNF has it’s issues but i quite enjoyed it all the same. Hail to the king, baby!

  2. I’ve gone historical this week with Assassin’s Creed Origins, which I prefer to Odyssey. I’m aiming to finish and even go for platinum. Outside of that I’ve been hammering CoD Warzone with a friend, we even got our first win.

  3. A bit more Borderlands 3, and some more of The Division 2.

    And then I ignored the PS+ games on the grounds of already having Cities Skylines. And then when it comes to Farmer Stimulator 19, either (a) not having played the 18 previous games and so being worried I might not follow the plot, or (b) it’s not called that and so is about 1000 times less interesting to me.

    Or possibly it was the PS Now stuff. Evil Within 2 is a bit disappointing so far. Not liking the mostly empty open world map compared to the first game and it’s much more linear approach.

    And then Get Even, which was something I’d completely failed to know was even a thing. And I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Looks reasonably nice (despite some framerate issues), and sounds excellent. Plus an interesting, if slightly mad, story. Shame about the shooting and/or stealth bits being nothing more than adequate.

    Still, having those 2 with PS Now means it’s a big win over PS+ (again), and it stops me spending any money on other games, leaving more in the PS5 fund. I think I’m in “backlog and PS+/Now” mode until the PS5 comes along.

  4. The Division 2 still, and I finally went to New York. I like this new map quite a bit, with skyscrapers all around you and there’s a lot more destruction there, which is nice. What is a bit a joke is that the gear you worked hard to get gets trashed in the first few minutes you’re there, as everything you find is so much better.
    But I also slowly start to feel that at some point, I’ll probably need to play something else for a change (I’m approaching 200h of playtime for this game, which is a lot for me…) .

  5. Not a lot of gaming per se this week but i revisited some old Dreams muzak wips i had abandoned and developed them a bit more. One of them, combined with a recent news story inspired me to start working on my first non-A/V-shenanigans creation. Don’t want to give anything away just yet but i’m hoping it will come together over the next few weeks .. ;)

    And in the garden today, i set up a new bird feeder, my phone on a clamp and a bluetooth shutter button and captured some decent shots of the little birdies! :)

    And if you haven’t checked this out yet in Dreams, it’s def worth a look (it’s not mine)

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