(Update) Sony states October PS5 release date is wrong

Update: Sony has confirmed to Famitsu that the October 2020 release date put out in a job listing for company by a recruitment company is inaccurate. That means we should rule out October 2020 as the release month for the PS5, but that could change again. Who knows? Sony execs, probably.

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The PS5 release month may have been leaked through a Japanese job listing, as spotted by Press Start Australia. The job listing seems to be for a business platform developer that would be part of the team building up relationships and dealing with the PS5 hardware. One part of the translated job listing reads as follows, with mention of a launch of October 2020 for the PS5:

We will handle the trial purchasing of PlayStation hardware products. We will select the best suppliers from domestic and overseas parts partners, and adjust the specifications of hardware parts and production capacity in cooperation with the design department and quality assurance department to create PlayStation 5 scheduled to be released in October 2020. In addition, the development-mass production shift. 

The job listing can be found here. Of course, we do not know whether that date is correct or whether it will be changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While some businesses, including manufacturing, have started up some operations it is impossible to predict what will happen next with the virus and if it will impact the release of the next generation consoles. Both Sony and Microsoft maintain that the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be launching Holiday 2020, though there may be limited supply when it comes to the PS5. Yesterday, an analyst stated they believed Microsoft would wait to reveal any prices until Sony had, and could undercut the PS5 by $100 though we thought that was nonsense considering how close in spec both machines are.

With the launch window fast approaching the gaming community is keen to learn more information about the next generation of consoles, especially as Sony has been so quiet when it comes to a lot of the official details. We do not even know what the console will look like, but you can check out the DualSense in the mean time.

Source: Press Start Australia

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  1. Famitsu contacted Sony Japan and got confirmation that the date is in fact inaccurate.

  2. November then.

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