What The Golf? swinging on to Switch later this month

The golf game for people who hate golf What The Golf? is going to be released for Switch on May 21st, Triband announced today. In this release players will be able to play some parody based golfing game where every course has different rules, and there is also a new feature. That feature is a two player party mode in which is coming to Nintendo’s console first. Players can golf against each other to be crowned the champion of this totally serious golf game.

What The Golf? is going to be priced at  $19.99 USD / €19.99 / £17.99 but there is a 25% pre-order discount live at the moment. In our review for What The Golf? Miguel wrote:

What The Golf has created an absurd, hilarious, bite-sized experience that is always golf-adjacent and brilliant for it. The jokes and levels are a whirlwind of zany ideas, but the quick pacing and brief runtime of the game keep them from falling flat or getting tiresome. Despite an overworld that can feel a little repetitive, What The Golf? is full of hearty laughs and addictive gameplay that made me never want to stop playing.

You can read the full What The Golf? review here.

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