Ghost of Tsushima: All the details from Sony’s State of Play

The Ghost of Tsushima State of Play has just wrapped up and in it, Sucker Punch showed various elements of the gameplay. This included how players would navigate and explore the island, the combat styles available, the customisation options, photo mode, and how players can choose to experience Ghost of Tsushima. The whole show lasted about 20 minutes in total and it was all game footage showing off what players can expect to experience in July.


When it comes to navigating Tsushima there are a number of ways the island helps Jin and the player. If you set a waypoint there is not an arrow or glowing path on the ground. Instead, players are guided by the wind to their chosen destination. It will blow in the direction you will need to travel. As you travel Jin will be able to collect resources from horseback such as bamboo, and it seemed similar to how it occurs in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey where you ride past and push a button. Aside from the wind animals like foxes will guide Jin to hidden areas and shrines, while smokestacks on the horizon indicate someone who needs help. There will also be strange shaped trees that may indicate areas of interest.

In combat, players can either go in as a Samurai with sword and bow unsheathed, or play as the stealthy Ghost. Jin can challenge enemies to a standoff should they see him approaching allowing for a one on one fight. Of course, once other enemies are alerted you cannot do that. Should you play as a Samurai you will need to parry incoming attacks to create openings to strike. Archers are a danger but one shot from the footage showed Jin cutting an arrow out of the air as it flew towards him. Different enemies will require different combat styles to defeat them. As a Ghost Jin can use fear and equipment like smoke bombs to evade or hide attacks. Enemies can be distracted by throwing stones or firecrackers which allows Jin to sneak up and kill. As Jin’s legend as the Ghost grows the Mongols will grow to fear him. In the footage you can see on Mongol fall to the ground in fear making it easy for Jin to kill him. Jin has a grappling hook to so he can move about areas quickly to gain advantages and to access new areas.

In terms of customisation the armour Jin wears can be changed from proper Samurai armour to lighter clothing for a stealth build. The colours can be changed throw gathering dye flowers and applying them to armour pieces. The different armour styles will give different advantages and disadvantages in combat. As Jin grows as a fighter charms will be found and unlocked that give access to different attributes, while players can also choose different techniques to unlock, customising Jin builds further.

Ghost of Tsushima will have a photo mode in which players can change the standard settings such as depth of field. However, Sucker Punch has gone further allowing for players to choose which kind of particles are in the air be they leaves or bugs. Players will also be able to change the wind speed and direction to impact how Jin’s clothing looks and the way trees and grass blows, as well as change Jin’s facial expression. In addition, music can be added so you can actually shoot short videos within photo mode and share those as well. In the game itself player can choose a film grain filter which gives Ghost of Tsushima the look of older Samurai films. The game will also feature Japanese voice over with English subtitles.

Ghost of Tsushima will be released on July 19th for PS4.

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  1. I’m here for Japanese voice acting & subtitles!

  2. The game looks great! Combat and stealth, fantastic soundtrack, leaves floating around everywhere, it seems to present a faithful environment and plenty to explore.

  3. Looks good, although nothing really that new. It’s basically the Shogun Assassin’s Creed people have been wanting for the last 10 years.

  4. Looks awesome!

  5. Looks very nice, but a big empty open world thing again?

    Also, the horse has no bollocks. It could be a lady horse, I guess. But after RDR2, I demand horse bollocks in everything. With realistic bollock physics.

    • Out of curiousity ; what other games with open world do you find big and empty?

  6. The Unreal V demo may have spoiled us just a tad but this still looks lovely, hugely evocative homage of the movie genre.

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