No Straight Roads will be released for Switch and Xbox One, alongside PS4 and PC versions

Back in April last year Metronomic announced the music based title No Straight Roads in which the genres of EDM and Rock clash. At the time the studio revealed that the game would be heading to PS4 and PC and was due to be released last year. However, things change. In June Metronomic partnered with Sold Out to be the game’s publisher, and as a result No Straight Roads was delayed until 2020. When in 2020 was unclear until in March it was announced that No Straight Roads would launch on June 30th for PS4 and PC. Today, however, things have changed again but it is good news.


Sold Out and Metronomik confirmed that along with the PS4 and PC release No Straight Roads will also be available on Xbox One and Switch. The Switch version will also be getting console specific content which are listed below.

  • Exclusive Assist Mode – Partner up with an additional local player to take control of the Elliegator, a secret alligator assistant who can help players in battle by picking up items, transforming props and calling in useful bonuses.▪️
  • 3-Player Co-Op – Played in conjunction with the game’s co-op mode, Assist Mode lets up to three local players experience No Straight Roads’ music-based action together, only on Nintendo Switch.▪️
  • Touchscreen Support – Use the Nintendo Switch system’s touchscreen to transform props and pick up items.▪️
  • Single Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Play – Play through the entire game using a single Joy-Con, or pass the second Joy-Con to a friend to play in couch co-op.

The Collector’s Edition was also revealed and that will include double-sided vinyl LP with tracks from the game’s OST, a 64-page ‘The Art of NSR’ artbook, and official NSR drumsticks. This edition will be available on consoles.

In No Straight Roads players take on the roles of Zuke and Mayday, members of the indie rock band Bunk Bed Junction. Unfortunately for them indie music, as well as every other genre bar EDM, has been outlawed by the NSR Mega Corporation which has gained control of Vinyl City. The two characters need to use the power of rock to smash the control of the EDM grip over their home. Music takes centre stage as the game is designed to use the melodies in the gameplay including boss battles.

Source: Press Release

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