Naughty Dog launches the Inside The Last of Us Part II video series

As Naughty Dog gets ready to release The Last of Us Part II for PS4 on June 19th it has created a video series that will look at different aspects of the game. The first video has now been released and it discusses the story themes of the much anticipated sequel. This video will be spoiler free as will all the follow up videos, so you are safe from getting things revealed beforehand, unless you were unlucky enough to come across the leaks from a few weeks back.

The full video description reads:

Take a look inside the story of The Last of Us Part II. Hear from the team at Naughty Dog as they discuss how they approached developing the narrative and share new insights about the events and themes of Ellie’s story.

This video is the first in a series of four and you can check out the release dates for the others below.

  • 20th May: Inside the Gameplay
  • 27th May: Inside the Details
  • 3rd June: Inside the World

Last week, Naughty Dog released a story trailer for The Last of Us Part II after confirming the fact that the game had gone gold. While things have been marred by the leak, which was originally rumoured to have been done by someone at the company, Sony and Naughty Dog were quick to act in finding the perpetrators. It turned out that the leaker had no direct links with either company, but that raised further questions of how exactly they had got hold of the content in the first place. That point has not been publicly revealed and it likely will not be while Naughty Dog and Sony continue any potential investigations. The file size was released and this is just how much space you will need for The Last of Us Part 2 on the PS4. Word of advice, it may be time to do a digital spring clean of the PS4, especially pending any future patches and content.

Source: PS Blog

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