Something for the Weekend – 16/05/20

The hype train for the next gen continues to build up speed, with Epic this week revealing their jaw-dropping Unreal Engine 5 tech demo. With that amazing level of detail and Epic singing the praises of the PS5’s super-fast SSD, the main thing on my mind is how much will these consoles cost?

Meanwhile, there was still plenty of news this week for the current gen, from surprise remasters to the latest State of Play focussed on a single PS4 exclusive. So, let’s get started!

In the News This Week

Games in Review

We had a good mix of games and hardware on review this week:

Featured Articles

Kicking off the reviews, Stefan got behind the wheel in F1 2020, seeing how Codemasters were adapting the game for the coronavirus-hit season, as well as the new managerial mode. He also got to take a car out for a few laps around Zandvoort:

His other preview game in the form of a look at Crusader Kings III, which is being rebuilt to allow players even more control over their characters and your dynasty’s evolution, while making it more accessible than ever.

Elsewhere, Dom looked at what he described as what could be “many Switch owner’s new obsession”, Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, as Aran went hands on with Suzerain, a strategy game with a heavy focus on political turmoil.

Finishing up, What We Played’s 450th edition featured Deep Rock Galactic, Monster Hunter World & Final Fantasy.

Trailer Park

Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo

Ghost of Tsushima – State of Play

Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass

F1 2020’s Gameplay Trailer

Assetto Corsa Competizione Trailer

Your Achievements

In the community, here’s what you’ve all been up to:

  • Crazy_Del hunted down the platinum trophy in Predator Hunting Grounds, with Duke Nukem Forever being this weekend’s target.
  • MrYd was busy as normal, enjoying The Evil Within 2, and Dirt Rally 2.0. There was also a spot of Red Dead 2, with the multiplayer also starting to grow on him.
  • TSBonyman was slightly disappointed with the Prey: Transtar VR DLC, but did manage to get a nice picture of a heron on a lockdown-outing.

Have a good weekend, stay safe and I’ll see you again soon. Bye!

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  1. That Unreal engine show really stole the show this week! I’m looking forward to some proper next Feb trailers now.

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