Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2 Operators and map revealed, full details

Ubisoft have unveiled their newest upcoming season of content for Rainbow Six Siege, dubbed Operation Steel Wave.

Every three months the incredibly popular online shooter continues to expand with new Operators, maps, equipment, and game features for fans to play around with, Year 5 Season 2 being no exception.


This latest content drop follows Ubisoft’s traditional blueprint, pairing two new playable characters with a map (another extensive rework) and other goodies to keep the Rainbow Six Siege meta in flux.

2 New Operators

Headlining Steel Wave we have Norweigan rescue specialist, Ace, and South African predator, Melusi. Both introduce new gadgets to the game which we’ll explain below.

Attacker Ace comes packing a device known as the S.E.L.M.A which is capable of hard breaching. He can throw this hydraulic powered gadget to punch a clean rectangle through destructible and reinforced surfaces. This includes walls, floors, ceilings, and hatches, creating a gap that is similar in size to Mira’s Black Mirror. If Ace manages to line up three of them, he can easily create an access route for players to move in on an objective.

Meanwhile, Melusi has her bulletproof Banshee – a deployable device that hums a disruptive sonic wave to impede incoming attackers. Not only will the sound distract them, this new toy will wobble their aim slightly while reducing movement speed.

House Map Rework

It’s been a while since Ubisoft introduced a new map to the current rotation though their efforts to make existing arenas more competitively viable continues with a rework of House. Aside from the cosmetic upgrades there have been some structural renovations with Workshop swapped for a new bedroom and the main lobby now being more enclosed with fewer lines of sight. House has also received an extension with two new function rooms, a staircase, and exterior balcony.

New Equipment

Steel Wave will also introduce a highly sought after piece of equipment, the proximity alarm. As you can probably guess, this new toy will trigger a beeping sound when attackers pass by, giving the defending team some intel on where they might be.

As always, this content comes as part of a free update though you’ll need to spend your Renown or R6 Credits in order to add ACE and Melusi to your roster. For instant early access to all future Year 5 Operators you can also purchase the Year 5 Pass for £19.99 which includes other perks too such as a 12-month VIP pass and various cosmetic items.

2020 Roadmap

Year 5 Season 3 will mark a change in direction for Siege’s post-launch support. Ubisoft are moving away from the 2 Operator, 1 map content drops with Y5S3 and Y5S4 offering up only one new character each, yet promising significant core gameplay reworks. You can find out more by accessing the Siege Year 5 roadmap.

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  1. I wonder where the hell Rainbow Siege: Quarantine is.

    • Ubi are being tight-lipped on Quarantine for now after pushing most of their major releases back.

      We expect news will come on July 12th during the “Ubisoft Forward” digital conference they plan to run. Maybe we’ll see some Quarantine teasers just before then.

      • I don’t know many people who are excited about quarantines right now.

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