Wasteland 3’s first dev diary goes into character customisation and combat, game releases in August

Deep Silver has released the first developer diary for Wasteland 3, and it dives into the character customisation and combat options players will have in the game. One of the features of the character customisation is the Quirk System which are perks that give a permanent bonus but also have a potential downside to them. One of the examples given is the pyromaniac quirk which can give boosts to attacks using rocket launchers, or other flame based weapons, but there is also the chance of your character catching fire.

Every stat will have an impact on the character build. For example, weaker characters will not be throwing grenades very far and they will not last long in fights. The character customisation will have a lot of depth to it so players can know the exact impact different attributes will have. Some characters could be built as brawlers and these have a combo meter in fights which can increase the chance of critical hits. Each member of a team will have different jobs in combat and exploration to do, which needs to be considered when building the team up. This includes having different members use different weapon and ammo types as ammo will be scarce in Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 will have a new system called character duos for people who just want to play the game without worrying too much about stats. Character Duos are pre-made character packs that have their quirks and trinkets already set, as well as abilities. These duos will also have some kind of relationship with each other which opens up new dialogue for these characters. With combat, the developers have improved how enemy attacks occur during battles. Instead of going one at a time the enemies will move at once and carry out their actions together, which means there is less waiting time for players to getting back control. The location of Colorado has a freezing blizzard which would normally take people out, so the party has a vehicle called the Kodiak to navigate the snowstorms and have some mobile shelter. The Kodiak can be upgraded as well to withstand environmental issues such as radiation, or you can change how it looks. The Kodiak can also be a weapon in battles to help clear large groups depending on the weapon that is equipped. One of the weapons is a goat cannon, and yes it does fire goats like they’re mortar rounds.

Wasteland 3 was originally set be released this month but a new date of August 28th has been given. Wasteland 3 will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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