Mafia: Trilogy revealed – Mafia II: Definitive Edition remaster out now, Mafia: Definitive Edition remake coming August

2K Games have officially announced the Mafia: Trilogy release, bringing together a Mafia: Definitive Edition remake with a Mafia II: Definitive Edition remaster to sit alongside the current gen Mafia III. The games will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia, either to purchase separately or as a trilogy release.

Mafia II: Definitive Edition is out… today! 19th May, while Mafia: Definitive Edition is coming out on 28th August. Mafia III, of course, is already available on current gen consoles, but is getting a Definitive Edition re-release that makes the DLC free. Buying the trilogy release will get you two games now and one later. Discounts will apply if you own part of the trilogy already.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is the real highlight here, a ground-up remake by Hangar 13 of the 2002 original, featuring an updated script with new dialogue, expanded backstories and more cutscenes to tell them. Additionally, there’s new gameplay sequences and features, all being brought to life using the Mafia III game engine.

Haden Blackman, President and CCO at Hangar 13 said, “Nearly 20 years after the Mafia series started, we now have an amazing opportunity to introduce this beloved game to a new generation of players and give longtime fans a chance to relive Tommy’s story with a stellar modern presentation, as well as new story elements and gameplay features.”

Meanwhile, Mafia II: Definitive Edition is considered a remaster, rather than a remake. It takes the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 era game and updates it to support up to 4K Ultra HD. For players on Steam, if you own Mafia II, you’ll automatically be updated to the Mafia II: Definitive Edition today at no cost.

Finally, Mafia III: Definitive Edition is the current gen game in a new bundle. Anyone who owns Mafia III is getting a free update to the Definitive Edition release today, making the game’s DLC expansions free.

2K confirmed and teased the trilogy release last week with a short trailer building up to today’s full announcement, but any surprise was ruined when listings for Mafia: Definitive Edition and Mafia II: Definitive Edition appeared on the Microsoft Store. Oops.

The listings also included a bunch of screenshots showing off the gorgeous visual overhaul that the earlier games in the series are getting.

The original Mafia was released in 2002 and followed the story of Thomas Angelo during the 1930s. Mafia II was released in 2010 and followed the story of Vito Scaletta during the 1940s and 50s. Then Mafia III was released in 2016 following the story of Lincoln Clay during the late 1960s. The events of each game bleed into the other detailing an overarching plot of Mafia families going to war and deals being made.

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  1. It’s not out in the EU yet till tomorrow?

  2. They’ve confused people, obviously.

    The “Definitive” edition of Mafia 3 isn’t a free upgrade. It’s still £25. And doesn’t include the DLC. Which doesn’t really make it very definitive.

    What they _have_ done, though, is make the DLC free. Or they tried to and only made 2 of the 3 bits free. Plus a free weapons pack.

    So if you own it already (it was on PS+), don’t get confused. I’m sort of surprised they haven’t buggered things up further and removed the non-definitive version from the store and only left the new version.

    • It is free if you have the game installed. Was showing as £24.99 for me then add as soon as put game in started the update. No idea why though as still need to download DLC separately and like said one still has a price attached.

      Just seems like a massive convoluted mess of a way to release a trilogy. Why not just wait couple of months until all available or you know start with no.1!

      • No, the Definitive edition still shows up as £24.99 in the store. The normal version magically turns into the Definitive edition once it updates (or you download it again). But the Definitive edition stills shows up as costing £25, even after that.

        The DLC shows up as free, except for the Faster, Baby! one. That’s now showing up as “Unavailable” for me. Because apparently I don’t own the season pass.

        Presumably they had to have 2 versions on the store in case you want to buy the trilogy and already own the 3rd game. Normally you can’t buy a bundle if you own any of the individual parts. But they’ve slightly failed with the DLC somewhere. I guess “Unavailable” instead of £11.99 is an improvement? Or at least a sign of something happening?

      • Hmmm strange, showed as unavailable after download but is back to £24.99 now. Also see that original is still up for £34.99 as well!

        DLC is now showing unavailable as well so yeah hopefully that will change soon.

        Overall still feels like an unnecessary rush job for something not expected.

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