PlayStation Now’s subscriber count is now sitting at 2.2 million

Sony has confirmed the latest figures of PlayStation Now subscribers, announcing that 2.2 million people worldwide are signed up to the streaming service. This is over double the amount from last year when the figure hit one million subscribers. While it is a decent number it is still approximately five times lower than what Microsoft  has managed with Xbox Game Pass. That subscription service has reached over 10 million subscribers since its launch in 2017 across Xbox One and Windows 10. PlayStation Now had a three year head start launching in 2014, though only in select areas. While the figures show an improving picture for the service Sony still has its work cut out to get more people subscribed as the next generation arrives.

Over the last few months, Sony has been offering some big hitting titles on the PlayStation Now service. This month saw Rainbow Six: Siege and The Evil Within 2 added to the service. In April Sony added Marvel’s Spider-Man and Just Cause 4, March saw Control and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and February had Uncharted: Lost Legacy and Horizon Zero Dawn. We do not know what will be offered in June but if Sony keeps adding big titles then the subscriber number may just keep climbing.


How PS Now will fare when the PS5 launches remains to be seen. With Microsoft being in a strong position already with Game Pass it has that advantage over Sony going into the next generation. Sony has decisions to make as well regarding when PS5 games will be added to the PS Now service, especially when Microsoft is utilising Xbox Game Pass to bring new games day one to subscribers. Sony may have to have a similar tactic if the company wants to compete in the streaming market.

Source: GamesIndustry

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  1. How many of those 10m MS are claiming are down to that deal they did where you could upgrade to Ultimate for a silly price?

    Sony really need to do a combined PS+/Now thing. If they let you convert your PS+ to include PS Now as well for next to nothing, they’d get a few extra subscribers.

    And really, is 10m when they basically gave it away really impressive compared to a couple of million at £50 a year?

    • I imagine that once people get used to using a subscription service like PS Now or XGP, it will become very hard for them to leave. For example, I know I couldn’t leave Spotify or Netflix, they’re both just part of my life now. So MS are probably sitting very well for the next-gen.

      • Netflix has the advantage of constantly adding a new season of whatever you enjoy. (Although they seem to assume that unless it’s massively successful, anything past the first season is pointless because it won’t attract new subscribers).

        And who actually pays for Spotify? Apparently not most of their users.

      • I would say that most people that have signed up for Game Pass will be in it for the long haul. The number of games, the brand new stuff, and the fact they just bundle it in with XBL means that it’s an easy decision.

      • I pay for Spotify so i can download music and listen to it on the tube. The curated playlists are awesome, hence I can’t see myself leaving. For example, even though I get Amazon music automatically through Prime, I’ve never been tempted away.

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