Amazon’s Crucible is actually out now – watch the launch trailer while it downloads [updated]

UPDATE 9AM 21/05 – Crucible’s launch was not, it turns out, as simple as flipping a switch. The game is now out in all regions, as of 6:10AM UK time. Heck, it’s even a point in their first patch notes that “Players outside of North America can now download and play Crucible.”

UPDATE 9PM – Well this is a little disappointing, since the release was officially stated for 8PM, but Crucible’s release is staggering across the globe, currently live in North America and soon in other regions.

UPDATE 8:05PM – It looks as though there’s been a wobble and Crucible hasn’t gone live as planned – it’s moved to ‘Coming Soon’ on Steam. Stay tuned as we find out more!

One of Amazon’s first meaningful steps into video games, their free-to-play shooter Crucible is out right now for PC. To go with the game’s release, they’ve dropped a launch trailer that I’m sure will kill a minute or two while you wait for it to download.

Want to give the game a try? Head here for the download link:

Crucible is currently only out for PC, with no word on a potential console port. It would be a perfect candidate though to arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series X at launch, and we’ll be waiting with baited breath for more on that.

The game is a team-based action shooter, boldly claiming that it’s driven by your choices, which probably just means deciding which enemy to shoot first.

Players can choose from ten different hunter types, each of which boasts an array of unique abilities. Before a game starts, players then choose which upgrades that character will work through in the course of a match, giving a world of variation to how each character plays. Wait, maybe those are the choices they’re talking about?

You’ll also have a choice of different game modes: Heart of the Hives, Harvester Command, and Alpha Hunters.

Heart of the Hives is the smallest of the modes, with two teams of four battling against Hives that spawn throughout the world. Your goal is to defeat Hives and capture the Heart within, with the first to three captures taking the win. Alpha Hunters seems to be much more straightforward, as a sprawling elimination mode in which eight pairs of players fight to be the last team standing. Finally, Harvest Command sets two teams of eight against each other to capture and hold Harvesters around teh map and control them as they draw Essence from the planet. The first team to gain 100 points from harvesting or defeating opponents wins.

Starting out life as a 12 player battle royale-style last man/alien standing affair when it started development in 2016, the game’s development shifted as PUBG, Fortnite et al clogged up the battle royale genre with far higher player numbers than Crucible was targeting. Instead they’ve shifted towards third-person viewpoint MOBA stylings, bringing memories of Epic’s Paragon and Motiga’s Gigantic, both of which were fantastic games that never found an audience. Amazon will be hoping for better from Crucible. We’ll be going hands on as soon as it downloads!

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