DayZ will be free to try out this weekend

Bohemia Interactive has announced it is hosting a free play weekend for its survival shooter DayZ, and that it will take place between May 21st to May 25th. The free trial will only be available via Steam however. The developer confirmed that every aspect of the title will be accessible during this time period, and that the game will also be on sale with a 40% discount applied, as well as 20% off the Livonia DLC. While the console versions do not have a free trial of DayZ, those versions of the game are also on sale. On PS4, DayZ is part of the Extended Play sale with the same discounts of 40% to the base game and 20% off the Livonia DLC applied. Meanwhile, on Xbox One the base game has been discounted by 40% though it is also available through Xbox Game Pass.

If you do end up playing DayZ on Xbox One you will not be alone as Bohemia Interactive announced hundreds of thousands of new players played the game after it arrived on Game Pass. When this was announced Vojtěch Ješátko, Bohemia Interactive’s Publishing Director, said:

“Xbox Game Pass is a great opportunity for us to open the game to a different audience, and to let a massive number of new players experience DayZ in all its crude harshness and beauty, together with the veterans . Over the years, DayZ has gone through a difficult development, but at Bohemia Interactive, we never lost faith in the game – so seeing its record player numbers across all platforms is a very rewarding moment for the whole team. For us, it also confirms that DayZ still remains an unmatched and unforgettable survival experience.”

Last month, Bohemia Interactive closed down its Bratislava studio though it confirmed this would not have an impact on the continued developer support for DayZ.

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