LEGO Super Mario power-up packs include Fire, Propeller, Cat and Builder Mario suits

The wonderful weirdness of LEGO Super Mario has got even more wonderfully weird, as Nintendo have unveiled a bunch of power up packs for the upcoming toys-to-life board game mash-up. They will be available alongside the Starter Pack that’s coming out on 1st August.

Revealed back in March, this collaboration sees Nintendo’s digital gaming expertise mashed together with LEGO’s practical building style, creating something that lives strangely between the two of them. There’s an awful lot of custom models and parts to the collaboration, with an over-sized and very blocky Mario figure, warp pipes, piranha plants, Shy Guys, Baby Bowser and more.

Most interesting is how all of this works together. Mario LCD displays built into his eyes, mouth and chest, able to display his different emotions and changes of game state as you play. That side of things leans on some form of NFC technology, so Mario can earn chests when you bounce him off a Goomba head or into question mark blocks, and so on.

The Power-Up suits – each comprised of a new hat and a new set of dungarees to slot Mario’s body into – let Mario then gain extra abilities within this, throwing imaginary fireballs at enemies with the Fire suit, taking off to fly around in the sky with the Propeller suit, clambering up walls (tracked by a light shining out of Mario’s bum) with the Cat suit, or simply collecting more coins when you smash him down on blocks with the Builder suit.

While it’s all connected technologically, there’s a lot of invisible make belief seemingly involved with actually playing, blurring the lines between video games and LEGO’s brick building. It’s a really interesting concept going far beyond the typical LEGO licensed products. We look forward to seeing how it all comes together later this year.

Source: Twitter

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