Tencent have taken over the rights to System Shock 3 from OtherSide Entertainment

Everyone’s favourite gigantic Chinese video game company, Tencent, have taken over the System Shock franchise, as OtherSide Entertianment seemingly step away from the development of System Shock 3 entirely.

It’s the latest chapter in cult classic series’ convoluted history, with various development issues, though seemingly only relates to new entries in the series, and not projects based on the original two games – a System Shock remake and System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition are both in development by Nightdive Studios.

OtherSide announced the change on Twitter:

System Shock 3’s development has been a tricky proposition over the years. Since the release of System Shock 2, the rights and ownership of the IP were left in dispute between EA and Meadowbrook Insurance Group who had acquired Looking Glass Studios after its closure. However, Nightdive Studios were able to eventually acquire the rights and release an updated version of System Shock 2 in 2013, before also acquiring the full rights to the series.

They then granted the rights to System Shock 3’s development to OtherSide Entertainment (founded by Looking Glass designer Paul Neurath) in 2015, luring Warren Spector, the producer on the original game, to join its development.

Starbreeze Studios then invested $12 million for publishing rights on the game, but in the wake of that company’s financial problems, they returned the rights and OtherSide intended to self-publish. All of this was taking place while the game’s development struggled and a number of employees departed in late 2019 and early 2020, despite progress seeming to be made with the release gameplay teasers.

Now OtherSide have seemingly given up, for one reason or another, selling the licensed rights to Tencent to take over its development. However, while their tweets seem to discuss the franchise as a whole, we believe the overall rights to System Shock still lie with Nightdive Studios.

As for OtherSide Entertainment, the studio is clearly going through some tricky times right now, with the aforementioned departures and now relinquishing their biggest project. Here’s hoping there’s better times ahead of them.

Source: Twitter

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