What We Played #451 – Crucible, Maneater & The Last of Us: Remastered

Another week in the bag, and this time, though it’s probably more relevant if you’ve been working and not on the eternally weird furlough, it’s a bank holiday! That’s right, it really is! Still, if there’s ever been a better time to be into games I think this is it, and I’ve converted my whole household into gamers. Which is fine, apart from now I need to buy another Switch as everyone is playing on mine.

So I’ve been playing a load of Crucible the last couple of days, as well as Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, 51 Worldwide Games, Embr,  NBA 2K20, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and probably a bunch of other stuff I’ve forgotten.

Tuffcub went back to try and finish the final tank boss battle in Arkham Knight, but things didn’t go to plan; “I HATE THE BATMOBILE LEVELS. So frustrating, gave in, deleted it”. He didn’t really cheer up much after that either, saying “I played more Vanquish, but I’ve not touched Destiny 2 because the season pass has just ended with a whimper, nothing new near the end. Rubbish. Played Darksiders Genesis, that was dull and empty. Yawn.” But wait, there was a bright point! “However, I’ve gone back to TLOU Remastered to get ready for Part II and started playing Factions again, forgotten just amazing that is.” Hooray!

Gareth has played Super Mega Baseball 3, Dungeon of the Endless, Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire, and Gorn for review. Outside of those, he’s also played some Terraria 1.4, some Superhot VR, and a touch of Left 4 Dead 2 versus, which he has, quite rightly, missed greatly. Aran meanwhile finished The Outer Worlds this week, saying “It was an enjoyable game that I had fun with. I think I managed to track down every side quest and do those before getting the good ending”. He also started Jet Lancer last night and should have a review coming up next week.

Nic B is between reviews, which means that he’s squirrelled himself away in front of Monster Hunter and is refusing to come out until he has a full complement of Rathian armor. That said, he’s also played a little Embr with the team, ahead of the review coming out… at some point in the near future. Jason dropped in to tell us that apart from his Earth Defence Force 5 (very good) video, he’s actually been playing Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, explaining quite why by saying “They recently added an immersive mode that strips out a lot of the RPG mechanics and it’s actually rather good.”

Jim has slowly been chipping away at Final Fantasy VII Remake saying “I think I’ll just take my sweet time with that one. Really enjoying how Midgar has been vastly expanded and the combat system is growing on me as explore more tactical options”. He’s also dabbled in some more Deep Rock Galactic as well as some KartRider Rush+ and Maneater, the shark RPG. Drea meanwhile has been replaying Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood; “I’m trying to 100% it as I didn’t really complete it when I originally played it. Bit of a ball ache but having a good time. I’ve also been playing Curious Expedition as it’s lighthearted and fun but also challenging to 100%!”

Miguel has been playing a bunch of Apex Legends and doing his daily check-ins with Animal Crossing. “Crazy Redd hasn’t shown up in almost two weeks so I’m convinced he’s dead. I also beat Ape Escape, that game was cute for a while and then became insanely punishing out of nowhere”. He’s also played Utawarerumono Prelude to the Fallen for review, too!

It’s been another eclectic week for our Steve: “Got far more sucked into I, Dracula: Genesis than I expected and have gone back to it through the week. I also really enjoyed the retro-immersiveness of Pixel Ripped 1995 but was far less impressed by the buggy Old Gods Rising.

“Alongside those review titles, I finished Dickwads of War [sic] but hated the end boss with a passion, and then messed around on the cute freebie Island Saver with my kids. It’s a semi-educational game that teaches about banking and environmental concerns with some super-cute animals. Works as a great introduction to first person perspective games as well.

“Next step Call of Duty… Trying to rattle through Forbidden Siren: Blood Curse as the last PS3 game before I return it to its owner but finding the controls really loose. And finally, going back to Song of Horror ready for the final episode and the long-awaited (by me at least) review. Oh, and finally, I started Yoshi’s Island on 3DS when the kids were watching rubbish on TV.”

So then, what have you been playing?

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  1. Finished off the 2 PS Now games I’ve been playing. Apart from all the collectible nonsense they both insist on including.

    Evil Within 2 turned out to be quite good in the end. The open world bit was a mistake, but it gets much more linear towards the end. And lovely and weird. Which is always good.

    Get Even was definitely worth it though. Looks quite nice, sounds great and has an interestingly mad story. Weird mix of walking simulator, FPS, stealth nonsense and some light puzzling. If it was a bit more focused on one or 2 of those things, it might have been better. As it is, well worth a look on PS Now. Or a sale.

    And then RDR2. Or the online stuff anyway. Got my moonshine business up and running. But then spend hours just roaming about peacefully searching for flowers and bottles for that weird collector woman. And then shooting someone in the face because they complimented my horse. Nobody is allowed to compliment Bob The Horse. Also, it helps with the problem that cleaning your horse raises your honour. Can’t be having that.

    • Bob the horse looks good when dirty!
      Get Even was a good wee mad game but I did like the story. I agree with Evil Within 2 open world as a mistake. I prefer the first one.

      • Did you just compliment Bob the Horse?? Looks like I’ll be claiming $0.09 and a new hat from you! (It’s almost as if they don’t want to encourage random murder for that amount of money. Which is weird for Rockstar)

  2. Played Duke Nukem last weekend and got the Platinum on Sunday night….. 9 years later ?
    At least the backlog is getting smaller lol
    Returned to the PS4 to play Shadows Awakening. It is okay if there weren’t any bugs or glitches in the game. Completed it twice and on my 3rd playthrough on the highest difficulty…. wish me luck!
    Also still check in daily DiRT 2.0 for the comunnity daily thing.

  3. Loads of time for gaming this week but apparently not enough time to remember to post in the WWP! Dipped into some classic PS3 games – Shatter, Microbot, Alien Breed, R&C2 and for the nightshift i’ve started replaying the original Dead Space. Also Lego Ninjago on PS4 but as i’m unfamiliar with the movie/story/characters it’s just been something to while away a few hours – not complaining though as it was free. Also started on another recently released game but i’ll save that for next week. ;)

  4. I’ve been playing Stranded Deep for the past week or so. Yes it’s a bit buggy but I’m really enjoying it. Definitely feels like you are in Cast Away. I’ve finally managed to get my base self-sufficient with plenty of water stills and fruit crops growing. And I’ve built a stable raft for getting between islands. Next week I’m hoping to take on the sea monsters, I feel prepared enough to take on the Megaladon, not sure about the Giant Eel or Squid yet!

  5. Today played Iron Man VR Demo and getting through Walking Dead saints and sinners. Tomorrow I’m going to carry on my first playthrough of Horizon Zero Dawn enjoying it so far.

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