Ghost of Tsushima PS4 download file size revealed

With Sony and Sucker Punch almost ready to launch Ghost of Tsushima on PlayStation 4, we’ve had a recent slew of details surrounding the upcoming samurai sim.

Having remained relatively low key since its announcement at the 2017 Paris Games Week, a recent PlayStation State of Play broadcast gave us a much closer look at what to expect from Sucker Punch’s latest open world adventure game.


However, if you’re hoping to slay the Mongol hordes invading Tsushima, you just might want to clear some hard drive space first. Ghost of Tsushima clocks in at a meaty 50GB. That’s according to the updated PlayStation Store page.

We’re getting to that point in the PlayStation 4’s lifespan where storage comes at premium. This is mainly thanks to increasing file sizes, accommodating for those bigger, flashier, end of the generation blockbusters. Many will have also accrued a unruly backlog, especially if you’ve been soaking up all those PlayStation Plus freebies.

Ghost of Tsushima launches exclusively on PlayStation 4 on July 19th. The game was originally slated for next month before being pushed back, allowing The Last of Us Part II to fill its slot.

So, what did we learn from the recent State of Play gameplay walkthrough. The eighteen minute video gave us a solid chunk of footage, showing off some open world activities as well as a raid on a Mongol camp.

Ghost of Tsushima will allow players to mix and match Jin’s combat abilities to form their own playstyle. The demo gave us a good look at two different approaches you may want to take, either opting for honourable duelling style of the samurai or employing some sneaky shinobi tactics.

We didn’t get to see much more of the game’s story or characters, Sucker Punch treating viewers to some cool tidbits such as the stylistic photo mode and a glimpse of character customisation.

Source: PlayStation Store

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  1. Meh, under 50gb is nothing when CoD is 166, Gran Tourismo is 112 and Destiny 2 is 98. Fifa 20 is 52, so this takes up a similar amount of space as that, or Apex Legends at 45. Fairly standard.

    • It’s a reasonable size for a AAA game in 2020. Nothing worse than having to delete games from your system to accommodate for beasts like CoD and its flabby updated.

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