Test your eyesight with this 30 mile drive to Barnard Castle in Dreams

Have you been struggling to see straight of late? Need to know if your safe to drive despite having only just recovered from the coronavirus? Well, thankfully the tireless efforts of Dreams creators will save you having to hop into your car while visually impaired to double check, as you can now simulate the experience of driving your family 30 miles to Barnard Castle while sat on the couch in front of your PS4.

It’s barely been a day since Boris Johnson’s Special Advisor Dominic Cummings sat down in the rose garden at No. 10 to weasel his way out of the scandal that’s surrounded him over the weekend, but the quick thumbs of Stevie128k have quirkily lampooned one of the defining excuses that Cummings made.

It was reported over the weekend that, suspecting that he and his wife were coming down with Covid-19 in late March, broke the lockdown to travel 280 miles to take his wife and son to his familial home in Durham and self-isolate there instead. This was in contravention of the current government guidelines that he had helped to write.

While there, he was spotted by members of the public on several occasions, one of which included him, his wife and son visiting a beauty spot at Barnard Castle, 30 miles away from where they were meant to be self isolating. Again, this was against the government guidelines not to travel by car in order to find places to exercise, not to mention the rules surrounding driving and eyesight.

Of course, this all led to floods and floods of people mocking this claim on the internet, including everyone’s favourite fake PlayStation CEO:

Stevie128k’s effort took him a little bit longer to make, but was worth the wait, as you have to struggle with fading eyesight, a nagging child and lots of obstacles on the way between you and the castle.

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