The Last of Us Part 2 State of Play shows off loads of new gameplay

Sony and Naughty Dog have given fans and in depth look at The Last of Us Part II, presenting a meaty slab of never-before-seen gameplay. This comes just week’s before the game’s launch date in PlayStation’s latest State of Play broadcast.

This 23 minute video showcases many of the new and refined gameplay mechanics while setting up the story and characters. We know that The Last of Us Part II will take us from Jackson, Wyoming to the Pacific Northwest, introducing new unexplored parts of the country. Naturally, that means we’ll be running into undiscovered factions, too.

We also get a glimpse at the scale of the sequel’s environmental designs. Similar to the comparisons made between Uncharted 4 and its predecessors, Part II opens up far more than that original game. This allows players to discover new areas and side narratives as well as alternate approaches when it comes to combat. Ellie will also ride horseback and in a boat.

The broadcast delves into the two main factions you’ll come up against including the Washington Liberation Front and the Seraphites.

Later on we get to see even more gameplay with a closer look at swimming, stealth, crafting, and how Ellie fends off the Infected.

This is the second State of Play broadcast in two weeks. Last week, we were treated to an in depth look at Sucker Punch’s open world samurai sim, Ghost of Tsushima.

This has led to speculation that Sony is about to lay on a grand reveal event for the PlayStation 5. According to multiple reliable sources a virtual event will be taking place on June 3rd. However, Sony has yet to make an official announcement of this rumoured PS5 reveal.

The Last of Us Part II will launch exclusively for the PlayStation 4 next month on June 19th. The sequel had originally been slated to launch on May 20th but was pushed back yet again due to the ongoing covid-19 crisis. As a result, Ghost of Tsushima and Iron Man VR have also been delayed, both now releasing in July.

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  1. Looked quite brutal, but also very good. Will be a nice birthday present for me…

  2. Not for me anymore, this series. Several reasons for that and the extreme violence is one of them.

    • Extreme violence,bring it on. Nice birthday present for myself also.

  3. The enemy encounters look way more intense than the first game and that’s not even counting the dogs and infected!

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