Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 3 has been delayed by one more week

Epic Games have announced that Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2 has been extended by one more week, or to put it another way, Season 3 has been delayed by a week. The new start date for Season 3 will be Thursday, 11th June.

This is all on top of the month-long delay to Season 3 that was already handed down in April, but I guess it gives players just that little bit extra time to run through some Battle Pass quests, if you haven’t already finished them off.

Season 2 was originally planned to run until 30th April, but Epic pushed this into May, extending the spy-themed season with extra challenges, bonus XP and more. This initially pushed Season 3 back to a 4th June launch, which has now been delayed further to 11th June.

The whole hullaballoo will be preceded by a one-time-only live event called The Device. This is scheduled for Saturday, 6th June at 7PM UK time (2PM ET), but Epic warn that you will want to show up 30 minutes early as space is limited.

In the meantime, it’s back to the Season 2 grind, completing Battle Pass Challenges, settling on appearance choices for characters, and completing the Location Domination and Storm The Agency Challenges. Or maybe just take a week off from the game and play something else for a little bit? That’s always a possibility too!

The reason for these delays has not been explicitly stated, but I’m sure everyone will speculate it’s down to Covid-19 related changes to the company’s workflow. Each season comes with lavishly produced introductory videos, some fundamental changes to the game’s map, a slew of new character models and skins, and plenty more. There’s a lot to prepare before it can all go live, and with Covid-19, that can easily throw a few spanners in the works.

Source: Epic Games

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