Report: Star Wars: Maverick reveal on June 2nd

A Reddit sleuth has pieced together information teased by Venturebeat’s Jeff Grub, who seem happy to leak everything these days, and it all seems to point to a reveal of Star Wars: Maverick on June 2nd.

Here’s where the trail starts, Jeff has listed “Mel Gibson picture” in his list of upcoming video game events.


Mel isn’t exactly the Hollywood darling he was so you may be forgiven for not know that he starred in a film called Maverick. Step two, EA Motive join Twitter and Kotaku’s Jason Schreier suggests they are about to announce a new game.

You may recall that back in March a scraping bot found an image from Star Wars: Maverick on the PSN which Jason Schreir reported that it was being created by EA Motive.

Finally, back to Jeff who replied to Jason’s tweet with an image of Maverick from Top Gun.

So there you go, about as obvious as Captain Obvious being very obvious.  EA Motive have said they are working on a ‘a smaller, more unusual’ Star Wars game and Motive’s VP and General Manager, Patrick Klause, has stated it will be a “very unique Star Wars experience”.

The reveal would also coincide with with launch of Star Wars Battlefront II on PlayStation Plus.

The timing of the reveal is interesting as it’s just a day before we are expecting a full reveal of the PlayStation 5. Usually when these things are so close it’s so the publisher can drop a cinematic trailer at their event and then build hype more but letting a platform holder have the first reveal of gameplay, so we may get to see more Star Wars the following day.

After two delay the eagerly awaited Star War Battlefront II: Battle on Scarif update went live an April 20th, the final update to the game which leaves EA without an ongoing Star Wars game.

Source: Reddit

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