Prey VR has been listed by retailer ShopTo

Over the last few days Arkane Studios has been celebrating its 20th anniversary, and over that time it has been re-visiting its games as well as how the studio has evolved over that time. While no announcements have been made in terms of games it appears there may be something in the works.

Retailer ShopTo has put up a listing for Prey VR for PSVR, and if this game exists it is likely the game will be available on other VR headsets too.

The retailer has not listed a release date as of yet but has priced the title at £44.95, a 10% discount over the RRP of £49.99.

The listing was originally spotted by Nibellion who posted images of the listing on Twitter.

If this game is to exist then it is likely Arkane will make an announcement either today or the next few days. Sony is hosting its PS5 reveal event later this week but it is unlikely the game will feature there unless Sony also reveals PSVR2 and Prey VR will be a cross-generational title. Prey originally released in 2017 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One with a good reception from players and reviewers alike. In our review for Prey Stefan wrote:

Prey’s introduction is a masterful example of pulling the rug out from under the player, worthy of some of the best movies out of Hollywood. It’s almost humorous in retrospect, as it lures you into one way of thinking before suddenly shifting gears, dropping you into a now almost desolate Talos I. All you have for company are two rival voices over a communicator and the mysterious and deadly Typhon aliens that now roam free.

Writing over our memories of the Prey that preceded it, Arkane Studios’ game is something new and yet strikingly familiar. There’s a great deal of kinship to the likes of Bioshock, Half-Life and other classic games, but it’s also broader and more expansive in what it tries to do. Regardless of its flaws and similarities, Prey manages to be an enthralling science fiction adventure.

You can read the Prey review here.

Source: ShopTo/Twitter 

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  1. This is a potentially pleasant surprise. When i first played Prey i thought it would be great to play it in VR, then i played Transtar VR and while struggling with the frustratingly stilted Move controls i was thinking that at least i had the luxury of taking my time because i didn’t have any enemies to deal with on top of simply trying to just get around. If this one doesn’t have DS4 support then i will have to pass.

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