Steam Summer Sale 2020 coming later this month according to sources

Whether you’re catching sunstroke in the local’s beer garden or flailing to festival tunes with glitter smeared all over your face, there’s a lot to love about summer. Or at least there was until 2020 went and shat the bed in a most remarkable fashion.

Still, not even a global pandemic can halt the mid-year blessing that is the Steam Summer Sale. Sun’s out, guns out, and credit card information at the ready – once again it’s time to fatten up your digital library with games you’re probably never going to even install let alone play.

So, when can we expect this year’s Steam Summer Sale? According to a reliable source we’re just a few weeks away, the event kicking off on June 25th and running until July 9th. For those keeping track, these are the same dates as last year’s sale.

This information comes via Pavel Djundik, one of the developers behind SteamDB, the web’s biggest database when it comes to tracking Steam stats such as player count per game. Last month Djundik stated that his “trustworthy” Chinese sources had pointed to a June 25th start for the Summer Sale before following this up saying it had been since confirmed:

Steam’s mid-year sales are often seen as the best in terms of value and the sheer number of titles on offer – or at least on par with the platform’s winter sale.

Valve has yet to make an announcement regarding the sales event though we can hopefully expect some news in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, it may be worth carrying out some preparations if you’re looking to wring even penny from the upcoming sale. We recommend holding off on any purchases, instead adding games to your wishlist and patiently waiting until the end of the month. When the sale kicks off you’ll get notified if you selected games receive a discount.

It may also be worth tagging some of those bigger games you’ve been meaning to revisit. The sale slashes prices on expansions and DLC so it’s the perfect excuse to fire up games gathering digital dust in your libraries.

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