The Project Cars 3 reveal trailer has dropped, and it’s coming out this summer

It shouldn’t surprise many to hear that Project Cars 3 was in development at Slightly Mad Studios, but the announcement trailer has now dropped. The game is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this summer.

The trailer captures a new ethos to the game’s overall progression systems, where you aren’t simply moving from one category to the next, but will be able to upgrade cars set by step so that they qualify for faster and faster racing categories. So the Mercedes AMG featured at the start of the trailer can head through road car race categories, and on to GT race categories.

It will be built on the backs of overhauled car customisation, which will let you swap out parts, as well as create personalised car liveries using official paints combined with race liveries or livery patterns, then adorned with real world sponsor decals.

Heading online, the game will feature both quick play races and custom lobbies, as well as scheduled events with skill-based matchmaking and player ratings similar to those found in GT Sport.

There’s also a new asynchronous multiplayer mode called Rivals. These build on the Community Events from Project Cars 2, but with more variety and a divisional system wrapped around them. You’ll be competing to earn Rivals Points and improve your monthly ranking, with the ability to go up or down in the Rivals Ranking tiers depending on how you perform each month.

Whether you’re playing single player, multiplayer or Rivals, you’ll always be earning XP and credits that go toward a game-wide progression to let you buy and upgrade new vehicles.

The announcement has dropped a little earlier than planned – Sony published the trailer on YouTube, but it’s not up on any other channels just yet, so I’m sure Bandai Namco are dead chuffed with them – but we have more in depth thoughts and impressions of Slightly Mad Studios’ latest that we’ll share over the next day or two.

Source: PlayStation, Bandai Namco 

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  1. A nice surprise.
    I was debating whether to get Assetto Comp as it’s not too long until F1 2020 is released but with PC3 announcement I’ll give it a miss.

    Any word of a PS5 release?

    • None… but it’ll work on PS5, obvs.

  2. I was a bit confused by the trailer

    It made it look part Need for Speed & part Project Cars, I presume that was showing off the ‘Rivals’ aspect

    But I fear this could land somewhere between sim & arcade & in trying to be all things to all people maybe fail to find the widest possible audience as a result

    Also, releasing at this time in the generation, it seems obvious it will be a cross-gen title, I wonder if they’ll just leave it to standard backwards compatibility (with PS5 offering more stable framerates, something drastically needed in this franchise), or if they’ll be a dedicated PS5 version… And if so, will there be a PlayStation version of Xbox’s ‘Smart Delivery’

  3. Did I just watch a trailer for a new GRID game? Are maybe even a Need For Speed spin-off? I like the surprise release of a new Project Cars game, but if there is a change-up in theme than a) it might upset the purists who still play the first two games and b) it needs to handle well with a controller, something the previous iterations have failed at.

    • Definitely a bit of a shift from the first two games, eh? EH?

      • That definitely deserves the boot.

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