Overcooked is this week’s free game on Epic Games Store

There was a leak that had suggested that Ark Survival Evolved was going to be the next free game on Epic Games Store, but that leak has been proven wrong. Instead of the stress of living on a dinosaur island players will instead have the stress of getting orders cooked correctly in the co-op game Overcooked. Ghost Town Games’ arcadey cooking game is available for free through Epic Games Store until June 11th, and you can get it from link below.

The game was originally released in 2016 and has had a follow up in Overcooked 2, and that released in 2018. In our review for the original Overcooked, Jim wrote:

Crafting a game that feels like a true co-operative experience is something studios continue to struggle with even today. For a dev duo like Ghost Town Games to come along and nail it at their first attempt is a remarkable feat to say the least. As a result, Overcooked is easily the best co-op game of 2016 so far and will hopefully set living rooms afire with its accessible, often hilarious culinary hijinks. It’s certainly a game I’ll continue to revisit, roping in anyone willing to sit down and pick up a controller.

You can read the full Overcooked review here. In the last couple of weeks, people have had the opportunity to grab Grand Theft Auto V and Civilization VI from the free giveaways that Epic Games has done. While Overcooked may be a smaller title it is considered a very fun game, and has quite a few fans. Epic will be giving another title away next week, but we do not know what that will be and unless there is an accurate leak it will remain under wraps until Thursday 11th June at 4pm BST.

Source: Epic Games Store

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