Dirt 5 career mode revealed – split-screen, story, characters, sponsors and more detailed

Dirt 5 is coming out later this year in October, promising a lot of change for the main branch of the series. A big part of that is the overhauled career mode, with a cast of characters that includes Nolan North and Troy Baker… because who else are you going to hire to voice your game?

It’s more than just a career mode, with Codies promising an actual story, broad options for progressing through the game, and four player drop-in split-screen multiplayer throughout!

The story will be brought to life by Troy Baker’s mentor character, Alex Janiček. Meanwhile, you’ll be facing off against the cool and calculated Bruno Durand, who’s voices by Nolan North.

You can get more of a peak into the story in the Dirt Podcast:

But say you don’t give a flying fig about the story? Well, whether you do or you don’t, there’s over 130 events to take part in, across the game’s five narrative chapters, with nine different types of event that will take you to every location in the game.

Simply put, you’ll want to finish toward the front to earn Stamps that let you unlock later events, building up to the Main Event at the end of a chapter, where you must finish in third or better to progress. You’ll also have secret Throwdowns to unlock by completing certain objectives.

Alongside all of this, you’ll be signing contracts with 20 real world brands who will sponsor your progress, letting you slap their logos into your custom liveries. These will have their own objectives, both long and short-term for you to try and complete.

Oh, and you can even enjoy all of this with your friends, with four player split-screen that can even be used through the career. They’ll take the place of another AI driver on the track, and you’ll all be competing for the win, but the highest finishing position of any of the players is the one that will count toward career progression for the host.

In development at Codemasters Cheshire (née Codemasters Evo/Evolution Studio) Dirt 5 launches from October for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions coming as soon as those consoles launch. The game was already revealed for Xbox Series X, with Dirt 5 a part of the Smart Delivery programme to offer Xbox One purchasers the ability to play the Xbox Series X optimised version of the game for free. Those optimisations go beyond just offering prettier graphics, with a 120Hz performance mode that will delight those with high refresh rate TVs and screens.

Source: Codemasters

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  1. Even if Sony announce their version of smart delivery I may wait until the PS5 is released before getting this as it’ll only be around a month at the most until you can play the souped up version.

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