[Updated] The delayed PlayStation 5 reveal event will now be on 11th June, Sony confirms

Update: Sony has confirmed that it will indeed be hosting its PS5 reveal event on June 11th at 9pm BST/10pm CEST, a week after the show was originally scheduled to go ahead.

Original Story below:

The delayed PlayStation 5 reveal event that was scheduled to take place last week on 4th June will now be held on 11th June at 9PM BST, according to adverts appearing on Twitch.

We caught the advert popping up ourselves in the last few minutes, but it was the ever-reliable games industry scoop machine Daniel Ahmad that snagged the screenshot that you can see below.

The original stream time was postponed last week as Sony and much of the games industry stood in solidarity with the anti-racism protests that followed the killing of George Floyd. They posted a simple message that they wished for “more important voices to be heard” during this time. Since 1st June, Sony have had a complete blackout of social media communications.

Of course, the length of delay was a big unknown. Protests are still taking place around the world, but some of the initial ferocity of encounters between protestors and law enforcement seems to have died down, especially as governments show that they are responding to the sentiments being expressed.

Curiously, Sony will effectively be taking the time and place of the EA Play Live stream that was itself postponed. EA had originally scheduled their digital showcase for 11th June, but delayed it not long after holding off on revealing NFL Madden 21. EA Play will now take place on 18th June, and Sony have decided that this week is now soon enough to be talking about the games coming to their next-gen console and more.

The extent of what Sony are planning to show isn’t yet known, but Bloomberg have suggested that his will be the first of several presentations, similar to how Microsoft are spreading out their next-gen reveals across a series of monthly Xbox 20/20 streams. “Other PlayStation 5 events may follow in the coming weeks and months,” Bloomberg say, “and Sony is not expected to reveal every essential detail on the console during its first presentation.”

One key detail is the all important price, but VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb has warned not to expect that to be revealed just yet. Will we get a release date, though?

“The company seems aware of the backlash that Microsoft faced for its first Xbox 20/20 event,” he said. “Fans were unhappy with the lack of gameplay at that presentation. In response, Sony wants to rely on PS5 games that are actually running on real hardware.”

I guess we’ll just have to wait until Thursday to find out…

Source: Twitch via Daniel Ahmad

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  1. If Sony don’t reveal the PS5 it soon it will be on sale before we get a look at it!

  2. Interesting that the controller is a different colour to what has previously been show in official pictures.

    • It’s the same controller (white with black accents) just the shadows making it look black to some

      • It’s the black and blue dress all over again!

      • It takes some spectacularly poor photography skills to make black look like white. Surely Sony wouldn’t do that?

        Actually, there’s quite a few differences between that black controller and the previous white version they showed.

        The sticks are a bit higher up – the top of the P on the PS button is around about the middle of the stick, but it was somewhere around the top of the middle smooth section on the white version.

        There’s about twice as much space above the “might not say share any more, but that’s what it is” button on the white version.

        It could be the angle. The black version might be tilted back a bit more, which explains why you can’t see L1, which you can in the white one. But that doesn’t explain the rounded corner (the white version had a much pointer corner up by L1)

        So here are my several theories…

        1. It’s just a shadowy tease of a controller and they forgot they already showed the white version.
        2. The photo is shit.
        3. Black and white versions will be available.
        4. They suddenly changed their mind and the white version has been pulled down and thrown in the nearest harbour, due to being historically a massive cockwomble.

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