Sony say to wear headphones for the PS5 event stream on Thursday

With the postponed PlayStation 5 event now set for later this week on Thursday 11th June at 9PM UK time, Sony are getting back on track with their plans for their next-gen console reveal. They also have a key piece of advice: wear headphones.

In the updated post on the PlayStation Blog, Senior Director, SIE Content Communications Sid Shuman suggested that there will be some “cool audio work” during the show that will be better appreciated when wearing headphones than watching (listening?) with a phone or laptop’s speakers.


This is sure to be a part of Sony’s push for enhancing audio with the PlayStation 5’s Tempest Engine. This is Sony’s homegrown alternative to Dolby Atmos, able to calculate many, many more sound sources, how they will interact with the environment, and ultimately how those sounds will then interact with your ears. The PlayStation 5 will have a set of HRTF profiles at launch, letting it output sound that is tuned to a range of different ear shapes for more realistic sounding positional audio.

The Tempest Engine is also designed to be more universal than other solutions, able to work with not just headsets, but also soundbars, PSVR, surround sound and just regular TV speakers. However on day one it will work best with headphones, and also when trying to demonstrate its effects in a live stream.

Sony also noted that the quality settings of the stream will be lower than ideal. The show is pre-taped at 1080p and 30 frames per second. Shuman states that “This eased the show’s production process during a time when many of our team and developers are working from home.” However, that’s for the live broadcast and he responded to comments to say that “the majority of trailers will be in 4K on YouTube after the show.”

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. I can see 2 things wrong with that link to the “EU PS Blog”. 1, it links to someone on Twitter instead of the EU PS Blog. And 2, there isn’t an EU PS Blog anymore. They’ve got 1 blog that covers everywhere.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the sound copes with being streamed. We know they can do surround sound that works well with headphones (PSVR does it very well), but when it’s compressed and streamed? That can go horribly wrong.

    • Yup. Fixed.

      Positional audio is more about how it’s processed than outright fidelity. There’s countless virtual surround sound videos on YouTube, and since the stream is pre-taped, on-the-fly encoding won’t be a worry.

  2. I am excited to hear what appears to be a step change in audio – but you will not be getting most of the effect from a generic source such as this sream or the trailers

    The main enabler behind the Tempest Audio is audio customised for the geometry of different people’s ear

    If the stream uses a ‘default/typical’ HRTF setting, even then the majority will not experience it properly

    My worry is we’ve had 3D audio, true audio, brandied about several times before, it’s got to a sort of boy crying wolf state, and if it is not made abundantly clear that this is not in fact the full possibility of Tempest Audio in the PS5, people will write this off before they have even properly tried it

    That said, It should still be better than average if they leverage the other parts of Tempest such as thousands of individual possible sounds

    The SSD gets most of the headlines (rightly so) but this audio implementation can be just as revolutionary

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