The Official The Last of Us Podcast’s first episode is out today

Sony has announced a brand new limited podcast series called The Official The Last of Us Podcast, which will dive into lore and development of both games in the series. The main focus of the podcast in regards to the first The Last of Us will be about the story and a recap of what happened, while when talking about the second game it will be much more about the development process. Christian Spicer is hosting and he talks to Neil Druckmann, Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, and other members of the Naughty Dog team about the games.


The first episode is called ‘”Your watch is broken” – Summer Part 1’ and it is almost an hour long. The episode’s description says:

“Host Christian Spicer walks through Summer Part 1 of TLOU with writer/creative director Neil Druckmann, Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson and melee and combat designer Anthony Newman.”

You can listen now on Spotify though it should also arrive on other outlets soon. Earlier today, patch 1.01 was released for The Last of Us Part II, and you can catch the full details here.  Jim has been playing The Last of Us Part II for review and released some gameplay impressions. Here is some of what he wrote:

This is by far Naughty Dog’s best-looking game to date. Next to Uncharted 4 the two appear evenly matched in terms of visual fidelity when comparing still images, but that four year gap has allowed them to flex, especially when it comes to character animations and the sheer amount of tiny details. If bloody violence is your bag, you’ll revel in how enemies can be torn apart, limbs flying and heads bursting like watermelons.

In short, Naughty Dog have made sensible yet inventive refinements to that core gameplay from The Last of Us. What’s particularly interesting as a fan of their work is seeing how design choices from Uncharted have clearly bled into Part II, lending that same degree of immersion of experimentation that manages to feel fresh and original.

You can read the full impressions article here, and it is spoiler free. The Last of Us Part II will be available on June 19th for PS4 having been previously delayed from February and May.

Source: YouTube/Spotify

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