Godfall gameplay revealed – release set for the PS5 launch window

Godfall, the upcoming PS5 and PC title developed by Counterplay Publishing and published by Gearbox Publishing, is set to release in Holiday 2020. Up until tonight, Sony have managed to keep most of the PS5’s forthcoming titles under wraps, but Godfall is one game that we did know about. The role-playing looter battler focusses on melee action and is definitely amongst the prettiest games we’ve seen so far, utilising the power of PS5 to push Unreal Engine 4 to its limit.


Set in an high fantasy world, there are five realms to venture through in Godfall and they have been split between Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Spirit. The gameplay seems to have been inspired by the Souls series as well as Monster Hunter: World, and aggressive action will be more rewarded so you’re going to have to get stuck in when it comes to battles. On a technical side, Godfall will support raytracing so those environments should pop with detail.

We’ve been fed a few snippets of Godfall over the last couple of months, with the latest being a teaser trailer for the Eclipse weapon. The armour and weapon designs are simply incredible, and offer a heft and a weight that looks like it’ll make playing a real joy. There are three primary character classes to choose from – or at least that’s as many as we’ve been privy to thus far, and will support up to four players in drop-in, drop-out multiplayer. With Gearbox’ hand in here, it seems as though there’s certainly some Borderlands flavour about proceedings, at least as far as the multiplayer functions and the fact there’s going to be loot involved. If there’s anything that Gearbox love more than leaving things in taxi cabs, it’s loot.

Borderlands isn’t the only looter shooter link, as many of the team at Counterplay have previously worked on Destiny 2. If the idea of Destiny and Borderlands, but with swords, sounds like your sort of thing, then Godfall should definitely be on your radar later this year.

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