Report: Insomniac’s next game is NOT Spider-Man 2

Former Kotaku employee Jason Schreier now works for Bloomberg News but that hasn’t him from revealing an awful lot of gaming secrets which he flings about with a care in the world. Or at least he used to, as his latest tweet was very, very quickly deleted, but not before someone grabbed a screenshot.

He was asked by the Technology editor at, Steve Kovach, if Sony would be showing Spider-Man 2 this evening, to which Jason replied “Insomniac’s got another game coming first!”

That’s not to say Spider-Man 2 is not in production, Insomniac are a big team these days so it is bound to be working on it, but if Jason is correct, and we have no reason not to believe the blabbermouth, we won’t be seeing a webslinger at 9pm tonight.

That leaves us wondering what Insomniac are working on. Their last but one game, the reboot of Ratchet and Clank, sold by the bucketload and until Spider-Man was their biggest selling game. Ratchet and pals are PlayStation icons and would fit the ‘kid friendly’ game slot Sony always have when release a new console, the PS4 launching with Knack of course.

The other options, well Insomniac own the Sunset Overdrive IP, they can’t release the original game on PlayStation but they could do a sequel. However, the first game hardly set the world alight so it’s probably not that, and I think we can safely say we are never going to see anything else in the world of Fuse, which leaves us with a series many want to see return: Resistance Fall of Man.

All guesses of course, but a Resistance or Ratchet game would be well received. It could be something new, or maybe a smaller indie title such as Song of the Deep or Outernaughts, hopefully we won’t have long till we find out.

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  1. Resistance 3 had a fitting ending and shouldn’t be tamperede with (or remade) but something like Resistance: Chronicles – a visit to different “eras” of the universe around the globe, would be interesting.

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