Pragmata is coming to PS5 to fulfil all of your weird astronaut needs

Pragmata might just be the weirdest game we’ve seen come from the PS5 reveal. It’s always nice to have some super weird weirdness, and it didn’t disappoint, with a story that seems to involve a protective astronaut, a robot girl, a see through cat, and the moon. You’ve got a while to wait for this one to hit PS5 mind you, with a release date of 2022. That’s almost too mean really, isn’t it?


Pragmata is a Greek word, and means “the transcendent realities, noetic entities, real beings.” There’s definitely something otherworldly going on here, and I think sci-fi fans will be well served by this new title by Capcom, who are a dab hand at the old storytelling, and science fiction too. It looks as though it’ll be a single player narrative adventure, unless someone plays the astronaut, another the robot girl, and another a cat. So maybe it’ll be a three player game. Maybe.

It’s awesome to see the kind of imagery and visuals that the PS5 is capable of kicking out, and Pragmata looks as though it might stretch things out of this world. That robot girl looks as though she can control the astronaut’s load out, with the trailer showing her seemingly thinking of some kind of weaponry to help in the current, exceedingly dangerous, situation, and it being manufactured in his astronaut hip bag.

This was the second Capcom game on display as part of the PS5 reveal, sitting alongside The Village, an all new entry in the Resident Evil franchise, that, alongside bringing back series favourite Chris Redfield, also looks as though it’s the scariest thing ever. Of course, Pragmata looks as though it won’t go easy on the old nerves either, so maybe Capcom are doubling down with the scary stuff next gen. To say that we’re excited would be underselling it!

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