Watch the first GhostWire: Tokyo gameplay trailer, coming out in 2021

Tango Gameworks have revealed the first gameplay from their upcoming supernatural action adventure game, GhostWire: Tokyo. The game will be coming out in 2021, making its “console debut” on PlayStation 5, indicating that this is a timed exclusive.


I think we can safely say that was a bit different to what we expected, with first person action as you battle ghostly spirits to save the city of Tokyo. You’re the only person who can help, able to hear threats that others don’t, exploring and unraveling the mysterious disappearances of people across the city, and then battling them in first person combat using supernatural powers.

It was this time last year that the game’s announcement lit up the Bethesda E3 conference with the presence of then Creative Director Ikumi Nakamura, however, she left the company last September to work on other projects. This will certainly still have a lot of the work that she put into it while leading the project, however.

Let’s just remember how fun and silly that was.

Anyway, we’ll update this story with more once we know it.

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