You can already customise your PlayStation 5 so it’s no longer black and white

Within hours of Sony finally releasing the design of the PlayStation 5 a skin manufacturer is offering a range of colourful alternatives to the sleek black and white look. Head over to the dbrand site and you can select new skins for both sides, the centre, and the stand of the PlayStation 5.

You can see my new design, which I’m calling Bumblebee, below along with the rather hefty price tag.


“You’re several hours deep into an intense gaming session on your shiny new PlayStation 5. The internet’s just gone out. You yell at your mom to reset the router. Without hesitation, she hits the reset button on your console. All that progress, lost. This could have been avoided. How? Easy: PlayStation 5 skins,” claim dbrand, quite possibly breaking all sorts of advertising rules.

“Not only will dbrand’s PS5 skins make your console look like it belongs with the rest of your entertainment center, they’ll also keep dust and grime off the system and provide some much-needed grip and texture to your DualSense controller (thanks to our PlayStation 5 Controller skins),” they add. “Consider for a moment how sweaty and gross your palms get while you’re playing video games. Those palms are why all of dbrand’s DualSense skins and PlayStation 5 skins are made from premium, true-textured 3M vinyl.”

Here’s another design I made which I call ‘The Cheese Toasty’

Though they’ve now shown off the console, Sony have kept mum about the specifics of the system’s release. They’re still planning for a date later this year, but haven’t given us any clues beyond that. Similarly, they’re still keeping quiet about the price of the console, as Sony and Microsoft play chicken to see who will go first. However, with two SKUs available, a standard version with the 4K blu-ray drive and an all digital edition, Sony could potentially try to undercut with the digital edition or offer a benefit for going digital in the form of increased SSD capacity.

Last night Sony gave us a look at twenty five new PlayStation 5 games including Horizon Forbidden West. Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, and Gran Turismo 7.

Source: dbrand

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  1. How do they know the measurements for the PS5? No one knows yet what they are

    • Many peripheral manufactures will have the specs by now, good chance they do.

  2. Just 50 quid to make everything look like it’s made of wood? Bargain.

    But then you’d need to apply the similar woody skin to all the other matching bits Sony revealed. Woody headphones. A woody camera. A woody charging thing. And woody remote control thingy.

    Wood I be legally required to apply a woody skin to my Fancy Hat too? Assuming they haven’t changed their mind on VR.

  3. Woody’s Roundup.

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