Get Ark: Survival Evolved, Snake Pass & Hitman: Absolution free on PC this weekend

There’s a clutch of great freebies to grab on PC this weekend, with Epic Games Store, Humble Bundle and all throwing games at bargain hunters. I mean, what’s a bigger bargain than paying nothing at all?

Those games are Ark: Survival Evolved, Snake Pass, Hitman: Absolution and Samurai Showdown NeoGeo Collection.

Here’s all the links you’ll need to grab them:

Ark: Survival Evolved and Samurai Showdown are both available from now until 4PM UK time Thursday 18th June, but the others are more limited. Hitman: Absolution is available until 2PM UK time on Monday 15th June, while Snake Pass is free until 6PM UK time on Sunday 14th June, or until they run out of codes.

Whatever the case, there’s no reason to dawdle to grab all these games for free.

Grabbing a free game from Epic Games Store is as simple as setting up a user account and then adding the freebies when they’re available, though Epic have recently introduced a new policy that you must activate 2 Factor Authentication on your account in order to claim them.

ARK: Survival Evolved was one of the early hits of the Steam Early Access programme, with Studio Wildcard’s dinosaur-filled survival action game gaining quite a following, especially as it was released shortly before Jurassic World landed in cinemas.

Speaking about the home console versions, Dom said:

“There’s a fantastic sense of adventure in ARK, and simply exploring the island is a more than viable option. Just finding dinosaurs – and often running away – or marvelling at the structures that other players have created is a worthy time-sink. I often found myself simply taking it all in, before realising a Compsognathus was nipping at my ankles.”

He also called Snake Pass “a glorious adventure that brings the 3D puzzle platformer right up to date.” And while we didn’t review Hitman: Absolution, it laid some of the gameplay foundations for the Hitman trilogy that is set to conclude in January. In our WeView feature, the community weighed in to say that, while not the best game in the series, it was worth a rental (remember game rentals?) or a bargain bin pick up. So don’t miss out on it while it’s free, in other words.

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