Spider-Man: Miles Morales is actually a standalone game, but maybe not a full sequel [Updated]

Update 17:20 – After all the bizarre speculation and back and forth, Insomniac Games have now clarified that Spider-Man: Miles Morales is actually a standalone new adventure.


Update 16:40: Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier is now reporting that Simon Rutter misspoke. It will not be the same size as a full game, but rather a budget title built on the foundations of the 2018 game.

“In truth, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is not an expansion or enhancement but a new video game, the person said, comparing it to Uncharted Lost Legacy, a game from Naughty Dog Inc. that was smaller in size and scope than a mainline Uncharted title. Uncharted Lost Legacy sold for $40 rather than the standard $60, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales is expected to follow a similar path.”

We’ve asked Sony for clarity on the matter.

The original article follows.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is not a full sequel to the 2018 hit superhero game, but an “expansion and enhancement” of that game, Sony have confirmed.

Speaking to The Telegraph following the reveal event, Sony Interactive Entertainment EVP head of European Business Simon Rutter explained that the project is not on the scale of a full on sequel, but is still aimed at taking advantage of the PlayStation 5 hardware and providing additional content for fans.

“There’s a substantial Miles Morales component, which is the expansion element,” Rutter said, explaining that “also within the game as well there’s been major enhancements to the game and the game engine, obviously deploying some of the major PlayStation 5 technology and features.”

Those new features including eliminating much of the time taken to quick travel around the world, and enhancing the game with higher quality character models and assets. It will also make use of the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback. It makes sense that the game is being given the treatment, having been used to show off the advantages that SSDs could offer to game load times.

The announcement of Miles Morales pitched this as an “all-new story” which we initially read to be on the scale of a standalone expansion, similar to inFamous: Last Light. Either way, the reduced scope of the game is a big part of how Insomniac are able to target “holiday 2020” for the game’s release. Two years simply isn’t long enough for a big budget AAA release anymore (unless you’re Ubisoft).

Reading between the lines (or jumping to conclusions), this seems to rule out the notion of PlayStation 4 games being given free upgrades to the next generation. If Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a paid and expanded remaster of the original game, then it indicates that Sony aren’t following Microsoft’s lead in giving a free upgrade to Gears 5 from Xbox One to Xbox Series X. Still, if the price is right for a good chunk of new content, it won’t be so bad.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is not the only game that Insomniac are working on for the PlayStation 5, with the reveal of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart also announced for the next-gen console.

The game was one of our highest rated titles of 2018. In our Spider-Man review Gareth wrote:

Marvel’s Spider-Man does a spectacular job of making you feel like the ultimate Spider-Man. From swinging through the city at high speed to fighting off legions of enemies by zipping between them and pulling them into the air, its gameplay looks like a scene from the films. It’s remarkably well realised in terms of its world, design, and even technically, with short loading times and a rock solid framerate even on the base PlayStation 4. If Spider-Man is your thing then this is an essential purchase.

Source: The Telegraph via Games Radar

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  1. Mildly disappointing, but it did seem too soon – particularly to hit this year! I’m looking forward to more no matter what!

  2. I think they might need to clarify that quite quickly. Do we need to buy the whole game again just to get access to the new stuff? Or will it be available on it’s own?

    Ideally, you can buy the expansion, get the whole lot on the PS5 if you own the original game. Like Hitman 3 is going for (get the levels from the first 2 games included to play in the new engine if you own them).

    Buying the whole game again just to get the expansion is a bit shit.

    Sony have still got some stuff to reveal, and I can understand why last night was just “here’s a huge bunch of games and a quick look at the new hardware” and not taking away from that with talk of a bunch of old games. I guess the next thing they do will be a closer look at the hardware and that will included all the BC stuff, and hopefully mention of how VR works with ti.

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