Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access will start in August 2020 (maybe)

Larian Studios have dropped an epic new trailer for their highly anticipated RPG series revival, Baldur’s Gate 3. With this, they’ve announced that the game will be heading into Early Access in August… probably.

The ‘probably’ comes from needing to manage Covid-19’s impact on the studio, but they have locked down the content that they want to deliver in Early Access, and so it’s just down to whether their production can keep up with their ambitions.

The good news is that the game’s production is picking up pace again. Performance and motion capture has restarted, albeit with face masks and as much social distancing as possible within this, and if they manage to meet their targets, then the game will drop into Early Access in August.

Areas modified since the PAX East showcase, the graphics have been enhanced further, things like the combat camera, initiative and the rule set have all been tweaked and improved.

The game will take players back to the Forgotten Realms, and you start the game abducted and infected with a corruption that grows more powerful inside you. The benefit is that you become more powerful as well. There’s a wide set of D&D races and classes in the Origin Characters that you can start your journey with, and you’ll adventure, battle and even romance your way through the lands. It promises to offer a unique story that flows around your varying choices and actions.

The game is built on the new Divinity 4.0 engine, which is being used in new and more immersive ways – the downside is that Larian told Eurogamer that this won’t be possible on current gen consoles. While you can play from a high up isometric view, you can also draw the camera in for more of a distant third person feel to the role playing. It looks gorgeous as well, as shown off in the screenshots that leaked earlier, with more dynamic, close up conversations with other characters.

More of the game will be shown next week on June 18th, and viewers will get to decide some of what is shown!

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