Doors to Insanity will trap you in a purgatory of endless death

A rather quirky reveal trailer for Doors to Insanity dropped during the Guerrilla Collective stream today, with an epic narration of a hero’s adventure quickly thrown off the rails by their untimely death. Then another death, and a few more after that still.

Doors to Insanity riffs off the classic roguelite and card-based RPG battler form, tasking you with battling hordes of beasties, but seemingly throwing almost insurmountable odds your way. Will you be able to fight your way out of hell, out of purgatory and into paradise?

here’s the breakdown from the game’s Steam page:

  • Permanent card deck builder. After each death you get to keep one card for the next run
  • Collect and use over 70 cards
  • Summon 7 allies including Shield Beaters, Wizards, and Demonic Bugs!
  • Wield a variety of magic weapons including powerful Sword Of The Three Saints and the less-powerful Dad’s Hammer
  • Engage in over 30 encounters behind the doors of madness
  • Travel through 4 major areas that hold more than 40 doors of unknown!

The game is coming to Steam (where you can wishlist it to follow its development), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. There’s no release date just yet, though.

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